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  • Raeann W. Smoot - Orgreenic KitchenwareI have read the other reviews and I'm puzzled. They ranged from awful to fantastic. Very simply, I find this pan to be fantastic. I have my cast iron skillet and I have my egg skillet. The orgreenic pan is the ONLY skillet I will ever cook eggs in again. I have been using this pan for two years and it is as good as it was when new. My only problem is that I can't find any other pans like this besides the 9" pan.
  • Bee M. - No more irritation or infections! AMAZING!For the last two years I have been suffering with recurrent Yeast Infections, and Bacterial Vaginosis. Anything would cause this, especially sexual intercourse. My boyfriend and I could not have sex, even some types of foreplay, without me feeling itchy and uncomfortable after. I've been to the doctor over 10 times alone this year and they have prescribed the same antibiotics and Diflucan. NOTHING WORKED! I had enough and decided to do some research on my own. I tried taking cranberry pills and acidophilus pill and that didn't work. I stumbled upon Rephresh Pro B Pills and purchased and I saw improvements very quickly! I've been taking this pill for close to a month and haven't had any infections or itchiness or irritation. After sex I don't feel dreadful like I used to. This pill works wonders! I never thought that I would find something to help and I thought that the doctors knew it all. But REPHRESH PRO B was really the answer to all of my problems!
  • Book Babe - Excellent ChoiceThis book is an excellent choice for anybody contemplating a career change or trying to discover your true aptitude. I found the book very useful for everything from discovering a new career path to completing a successful interview. Even if you're not making a career change, this is a great way to start assessing your skills, talents, and interests, so you can best utilize your potential. If you loved the first one or any of the previous editions, you'll find the added resources particularly useful in this latest edition.
  • Aussie bookworm - The Testing review by AussibookwormI have read so many bad reviews for this book, but I am happy to say that I Loved it so much it is going on my Favourite Shelf. Yes the Apocalyptic Dystopian is being churned out of Authors minds onto print more and more, and as fast as they come out I am sure going to try to read them. When you have read as many books as myself and other bloggers, you are going to start noticing predictable elements to a story, Love Triangle anyone? but as long as they hold a few surprises and can keep me reading while people are talking to me, as well as the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I grab at night (sorry loving hubby I do love you lots) I find that I can still love new books in the same genres, If I am getting burnt out in a genre I give it a rest for a while, I am happy to say I am not at that point with dystopias yet.

    Anyway onto my Review, I could not put this book down, Yes the part of the testing went on for a while, but I believe this gave me a deeper insight on how Cia thought and what happened to the world. Cia is a new graduate of her class and is looking forward to continuing on to University. Her father is a University Graduate who helps to revitalise the land after mass bombings destroyed the world. Cia is Intelligent, trusting and very mechanically minded.

    The Testing is a number of tests each picked student from many colonies gets to go though to see if they have what it takes to be a leader for their new world and gaining a place in University. The colonists are under the impression that the tests are mild and Intellect based, untill they get there and they take on a sinister edge. The Government believe that the world fell because the leaders did not have what it takes to survive and ensure the survival of its citizens, so to be Admitted into the University the Candidates must prove beyond doubt that they can withstand all tasks that are thrown at them, which can have lethal consequences if you fail the tests.

    The Testing is a heart pounding Adventure that leaves you wanting more. I loved it and I would highly recommend you take a chance on this book.
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