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  • Sonna - Another delightful book

    This is yet another delightful read about our favorite "traditional" lady of Botswana. She continues to solve her clients' problems with simple common sense and a belief in the goodness of people. The characters in this series of books are so endearing, and Alexander McCall Smith makes you long for the simplicity of life that he portrays so well. I recommend the 'No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency' series to anyone, and look forward to many more.

  • David B Pasquarello - Great Tablet

    The tablet is fast has a bright screen and when connected to the optional; keyboard makes it lite a tiny laptop.

  • T. Kwai "mbajd" - Great preventive tool

    We paid a lot more than $400 for the comb when it first came out more than 5-7? yrs ago. If your hairs are just about all gone, this is not going to help you get them back. But if you start on Rogaine + the comb at the first sign of serious hair loss, you will get to keep somewhere around 75% to 90% of what you have right now. BTW--don't buy store brand/generic Rogain, they don't work as well as the real stuff.