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  • L. Buskirk - i am hookedI just finished High Five, the fifth in the series of Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. I am probably not the best person to write a review because I love these books! Each character is developed in interesting and fun ways. I know the main ones now and I just want to keep reading about them. The end of book five was quite suspenseful... I hope Stephanie chose the one I hoped she would! Oh boy.
  • mjinak "MJ" - Very helpful and I AM NOT a paid reviewerWe took in a grandchild that has been abandoned by one parent, abused and starved by another, moved from home to home, etc. Drugs and alcohol are her background. She is a wonderful child but she is manipulative and plays the victim to get attention. She does not do her schoolwork, etc. Teachers spoil her because of her background and because she acts coy and cute, so they provide her with the one on one hand holding she wants and so she plays that she can't do anything. Then I catch her doing her math perfectly, her writing beautifully, etc just for fun. Everyone else around her wants to baby her because they think poor, poor her so she has no need to lift a finger outside the house and she was becoming rebellious in the house.

    I have never been a parent and I was losing my temper with her. I did not know how to move her in the right direction. Total Transformation may be directed at problem kids, which she is not at this point, but it is helping me get her focused and keep her from following in her parents footsteps (mother into drugs, trouble with the law, violent outbursts, drop out). Her math scores are regularly 100% now, her spelling has gone from failing to 70% and improving in just a few weeks. Her handwriting is legible and improving. She loves the sense of accomplishment she now gets from her successes. Implementing these techniques helps me to be a calmer and more consistent parent and is helping her succeed.

    My husband raised 5 kids less than successfully. 4 of 5 have drug, alcohol and legal problems. He says he wished he had this when he was raising his kids.
  • Deanna Joseph "www.deannasrealm.com" - Time to be the changeI have been a fan of Gregg Braden since 2000 when I first read The Isaiah Effect. Since then I have enjoyed all of his other books, and have read a couple of them more than once!

    The reason I was so excited when I purchased my copy of Fractal Time is that I know many people are concerned about the coming 2012 Mayan prophecy. In fact, there are many who believe that 2012 heralds the coming Armageddon, and not a week goes by that I don't find some piece of literature taped to my front door about the "end days."

    The core of the book is Gregg's theory that events in time, if powerful enough, can create a repeatable pattern that can be found with his time code calculator (which is based on specific dates and phi). When he speaks of fractal time, he writes:

    "It's a pattern. And that pattern is part of a cycle. It's as predictable and reliable as any high tech forecasts from the computer models, but it comes even earlier than they do." (page 82).

    After reading Gregg's theories on time (he bases his information on the theories of leading scientists) I have to say that I can now look at time in a whole different way. If a fractal (or pattern) is repeatable in a leaf or a snowflake, why not time?

    Besides his scientific resources, Gregg also draws on many philosophical and mythological resources, including The Bible Code and Tibetan, Hindu, Mayan, Aztec and Hopi Prophecy.

    All of these cultures agree that we are in times of great change. And they have known about this change for thousands of years.

    But none of them say that the world will end. They say the world as we know it will change.

    "... 2012 is a process rather than an event. And it's one that is already well under way" (page 169).

    According to an ancient Hopi prophecy that was etched in stone, we have two choices: We continue to dwell in the realms of mind, forever focused on acquiring, where we meet chaos and destruction. Or we choose to dwell in the realm of heart, where we are connected to everyone, and understand the importance of compassion and love.

    "...heart-based focus and living will have a direct effect upon the way we experience 2012 and our time of change" (page 192).

    Gregg points out that scientific research proves that the human heart generates a stronger magnetic field than the brain, and can directly affect the Earth's geomagnetic field.

    What I found as I read through this book was that the scientific evidence proving our deep connection to our planet and to each other is overwhelming.

    "So what does all this mean for 2012? Are we headed into a time of catastrophe or 1,000 years of peace? Are we looking at Armageddon, Eden, or possibly both? The truth is that no one knows for sure" (page 191).

    Fractal Time filled me with hope for our future and inspired me to start making changes in how I view the world now. I greatly enjoyed this book, and know that it has changed the way I look at 2012. Though the coming days may be challenging, they are also an opportunity to grow and change the way we feel about ourselves and the world.
  • Gardener - The Neatest little Banana Gadget in the World.Oh my gosh.....my husband thought I was nuts when I bought this product: until he saw how fast you can cut slices. go ahead & use a knife if you don't want to spend money, but if time is an issue, buy this product. It is fast once you line up the product with your shaped banana.
    Personally, I like all the same sized slices!