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  • Andrea Clifford "Andrea" - When you care about other people, it takes the spotlight off your own drama.When you care about other people, it takes the spotlight off your own drama.
    ---Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

    One of my favorite lines from the main character, Willow Chance. Catastrophes in life happen. Everything changes for her, and she changes everyone she meets. Putting life back together, in a new way is what this story is about. Willow is such an interesting character, and the people she brings into her life add richness and love. I couldn't put it down.
  • lukey - Pricey but worth itlove these probiotics. They are on the pricey side, but worth the extra money. If i take one tablet daily, I really do feel better stomach-wise! I am lactose intolerant and generally sensitive to a lot of foods. I get stomach aches and nausea frequently. Align seemed to help with these symptoms if i was persistent with taking them.
  • David Hogan "Iron Horse" - The last consistent Floyd albumI never even knew about Animals until I was thoroughly immersed in the Floyd. At first I wondered, how did we go from the sublime keyboard driven "Wish You Were Here" album to the power chords of "The Wall"? The answer of course, was this segue called Animals. Of course, it wasn't intended as such, but has become a segue in the history of Floyd albums simply because there are no songs which can be pulled from it for Album-Oriented Radio (AOR) stations, like a "Have a Cigar," "Money," or even a "One of These Days." Occasionally, an ultra-progressive rock station might play "Dogs", but this is quite rare.This extreme lack of airplay causes Animals to be overlooked by casual Floyd fans, myself obviously included. Critics, to the surprise of no one, carped on the album upon its release in 1977 for not containing any "new" songs - in fact, each song but the aforementioned short acoustic "Pigs on the Wing" doodles had been a part of the band's live set for years. At the last minute, their lyrics were reworked so that they'd fit in with the "concept" of animials representing different classes of people. For example, an old song called "Gotta be Crazy" was reworded and called "Dogs". As to the songs themselves, the arrangements are decidedly more sparse than on the previous two Floyd masterpieces. Rick Wright's keyboards are virtually gone, except for the drifting middle section of "Dogs." Dogs is arguably the album's best track, and longest clocking in at about 17 minutes. Sometimes, fans draw comparisons between Animals and Orwell's "Animal Farm," but aside from the obvious allegorical comparisons, Waters' lyrics do not closely parallel that classic work. In terms of personality, the "Dogs" to which Waters refers are most similar to the Orwellian pigs (Napolean, et al) who thirst for power at the expense of everyone else. These are Waters' most scathing lyrics, even more so than his ranting solo project "Amused to Death." As usual, however, the great thing about Floyd is that Roger makes you think, whereas Dave Gilmour makes the music immensely enjoyable (Waters' solo projects always lacked this component: even a competent guitarist like Jeff Beck couldn't restore the musicality to "Amused"). "Dogs" contains some of Gilmour's very best guitar work with the band. "Pigs: Three Different Ones," the third track, represents a commentary on holier than thou moralists like Mary Whitehouse, to whom Roger sings the lyric closest to a hook-line on the album: "Ha ha, charade you are." The middle section of "Pigs" is a trough in the album's creativity (get it?), and amounts to Gilmour (I think...maybe Waters) making whining pig noises as a sort of "solo". Then, there are the "Sheep", hapless followers who have no real thoughts of their own. A driving bassline permeates the piece, along with blasts of rhythem guitar interspersed therein. It's a long way from "A Pillow of Winds." "Sheep" really seems to be a warm up for "The Wall," especially in the exciting power chord climax which could conceivably pass for a dry run of "Run Like Hell". When the dust clears, "Sheep" ends with the sound of farm animals congregating in a pastoral setting, sequeing into the second "Pigs on the Wing". Waters was never a virtuoso (if you've never picked up a guitar in your life, you will still learn to play "Pigs on the Wing" in a matter of minutes), but the bookends of the album truly do create an image of humanity nonexistent throughout the remaining tracks.All things considered, a truly enjoyable album: incidently, my favorite Floyd to listen to in the car.
  • Wesley Bowman - Kids love them - fit great in my carI changed cars to a BMW E90 and discovered that the two booster seats I was using previously did not properly fit in the back seat of this car. A quick internet search identified these as being the perfect size and fit as well as having the excellent LATCH quick release. I bought two immediately and have been delighted by them.

    My kids both say they are more comfortable than the $20 seats I bought from Target. The LATCH mechanism means the seats don't slide around when they're trying to get in by themselves and they don't shift and fall on the floor when they're empty. The quick release is a MUST if adults use your back seat at all - and these work as advertised.
  • kstahlke - Best ever!I read a million reviews on umbrella strollers. And I'm so glad we chose this one! I can't think of a single thing I'd change. We love it. My daughter loves it. The lime green is beautiful. The basket is roomy and easy to access. The seat has a good combo of support and comfort. The expandable sun shade is amazing. Love it.