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Order Lipitor Online - Lipitor (Atorvastatin) works by blocking an enzyme that is needed by the body to make cholesterol, thereby reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood.


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  • Sasha P. Carter - The Gateway Silo:It is exciting to see a such a destined Sci-Fi Classic emerging in real time, and be part of the fan culture surrounding it. Hugh Howey's WOOL omnibus is the gate way to this culture. Packaged as five stories that could almost stand on their own, yet mean so much more when put together, it makes for a very quick engaging read, the leaves you both satisfied and thirsting for more. It took me less than a week to finish this series and am grateful that I got hooked on it late enough that there were more books ready for me.
  • Harriet Klausner - exciting Christian parableThe McAllister siblings were driving together when a nasty accident leaves Shauna in a coma and her brother Rudy permanently brain damaged. When Shauna awakens from her comatose state six months later, she finds her memory impaired. Her doctor fills in some of the gaps of the accident; informing her she was the driver and her blood level at the time recorded her as under the influence of drugs; she caused the accident ramming into a semi in which her dad has paid off millions already.

    Feeling remorse and guilt Shauna returns home to finish healing. Her father, running for president, treats her like the enemy while her stepmother overtly shows her loathing towards her. Only Wayne Spade, insisting he is her boyfriend though she has no memory of him, treats her with kindness. She soon learns she has developed a new skill, pilfering other peoples' memories. Shauna decides to learn the deepest darkest truth concealed by her father so she can understand why he seems to have always hated her only now he acts more overtly. Sometimes a person is better off not knowing as ignorance will prove bliss because knowledge brings assassins coming for her.

    This exciting Christian parable ironically subtly focuses on the Plato concept that to appreciate the good (in this case the light of God) one must experience the bad (the devilish dark side); inside of a suspense thriller with paranormal elements. Shauna holds the fast-paced story line together with her insistence on learning the whole truth although each revelation cuts a chunk of her soul off and leads to someone wanting her dead. Fans of Ted Dekker will relish this strong allegorical fable filled with suspense yet underlying is the theme of deliverance from the mental anguish if Shauna willingly turns to God.

    Harriet Klausner
  • magpie - will continue to buy again and again.I'm honestly shocked at the negative reviews, particularly the ones based on taste. In my experience, I have genuinely come to enjoy and literally crave this supplement...and I mix mine with just water, or a banana. It's seriously delicious. Maybe it's an acquired taste. I also read that some people hate the texture; I LOVE it. I purposely blend it minimally so that it will thicken up, because I love it that much. Blending with a banana will make it creamer, definitely recommend.

    Tempered cravings/regulated insulin levels throughout the day when consumed as breakfast.
    Filled me up (not an easy task); probably because of its fantastic nutrient value (complete plant-based protein!).
    Easy on digestion.
    Serious, noticeable improvement in hair and nails (I have this 5-7x week+) over the course of 6 weeks (hair is fuller, thicker; nails are stronger; both are growing faster).
    Complete, raw, plant-based protein is perfect for vegans/vegetarians.

    I suppose if you're used to McDeath milkshakes, this will be a departure... but isn't that why you're drinking it in the first place? If you hate it, please email me, because I would love to take it off your hands.

    PS: where did the $29 vendor go? I need to buy another from you :[