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  • Twilightjoan - Several Generations of a Family in India - Traditional Life Changes or Does It?The story, its characters and their lives is makes for a very involving book. This book starts with a young girl having an arranged marriage at the age of 10. Many girls of her culture in India were married at the age of 7 or so until the British rulers banned the practice decades later. The young brides did not live with their husbands (in his parents' home), however, until they were "of age" - meaning not until they had started their menses.

    This is a story of how a young girl is married, has two children, is widowed at age 18, cannot go out of her home between dawn and dusk due to her beliefs as a Brahmin caste member - it is a shame for her, as a widow, to be seen by others. She cannot touch anyone during the daytime as well - if she does, she has to bathe again. She cannot remarry for the rest of her life. With all of these restrictions, she manages to care for her children and household, cook all of the meals, keep track of the income for the properties that she owns, prepare for holidays, and see after her children, grandchildren and great-grand children and so much more.

    As each of the generation grow up, we live through someone in that generation but keep tabs on those before them. The first main character is Sivakama, the widow. We learn of the children and the good and bad characteristics of each including how each person deals with living with the rules of the caste they are a born into -- it is a very important part of the stories we read. Many people are connected to each other - sometimes in surprising ways. We feel their elation, their anxieties, their sadness, their perplexities.

    This book is a book of fiction but the descriptions of the people, the cities, the homes, the religion, the happenings of the times, etc. are fact and the things talked about and lived through really happened to people like them in real life. The politics of the each time period are real and how people reacted to them is shown through the main characters as well as those in the world around them.

    I loved reading this book. I kept reading a few pages a day -- more if I had the time. I wanted to find out what happened to everyone but knew I would miss them when I finished the book. When I finished I was sad because it was all over but these fictional people will forever be in my memories.

    ***IF you do not like this review, let me know why.***
  • MyPenName "Conservative Review" - Dissappointed ConservativeNo, I'm not a liberal pretending to be a conservative. I'm a real conservative who was dissappointed by this book. I actually agree with Ann's point of view. I'm dissappointed, however, by the fact that she didn't address the issue of "How To Talk To A Liberal". I'm dissappointed because I must deal with them. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only conservative in the entire state of California. I must live here. This is where I've made my career. This is where I've made my life, but the hate and anger that comes out of the liberals in this state when they talk about politics is simply overwhelming. It's crippling to constantly be around people who would rather strangle you than hear your point of view. It's crippling to know that no matter how hard you work, they still don't feel you deserve to keep your money, in fact, the harder you work, the less of your money they want you to keep. Far worse than having to suffer the dehumanizing effects of the modern liberal mindset, however, is the having to endure the rage and hatred that's directed at you if you disagree with it. The title of this book suggests that Ann is going to address this pressing issue. The title suggests that she'll be teaching us how to survive in a society so filled with hatred and rage towards conservatives. Sadly, she does not. All she does is review all the reasons we disagree with liberalalism in the first place. Though I agree with the points that she makes (except the suggestion that liberals understand the negative impact of their belief system), I'm dissappointed that she deal with how to talk to liberals. She told us how to make them angrier. This serves no purpose. You can't win someone over to your point of view by making them angrier, and frankly, they're NOT going to change their minds anyway. Ann, if you're reading, please write another book telling us how to deal with the rage and hatred that's directed at us. p.s. I gave the a 5 star rating anyway, since she's on our side.
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