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  • M J Henry - 2011 Writer's Market an Indespensible ToolThis is an indespensible tool for every writer; no matter what their genre. Besides offering a large listing of both consumer magazines and trade journals, the book provides lists of literary agents and book publishers. It also includes a variety of articles to assist the writer with query letters, synopsis, and general writing tips. I find the book to be clear, concise, up-to-date and easy to use.
  • John Umland - another family's harrowing tale of injustice at the hands of FEMAA new friend this year, a Muslim international student, bought me Zeitoun for my birthday, and I am very grateful. The last time I read about post-Katrina New Orleans was Douglas Brinkley's book,The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2006. But this story did not start with equally destructive force called FEMA. Instead, the book starts with the young boy Abdulraham Zeitoun fishing off the coast of Syria. With frequent flashbacks we learn of his amazing life, his adventures around the world, and his settling down with his wife Kathy in New Orleans and the successful contracting business he founded there. Incidentally, they are Muslim, she an adult convert before meeting him. I appreciate so much how normally Eggers treats their faith. If only everyone's faith could be treated so respectfully, yet causally. Faith pervades so many Americans' lives, yet typically seems ignored or exagerrated, read the Get Religion journalism blog to see what I'm talking about.

    I really enjoy biographies. No fiction author can come up with the crazy twists and turns of real life, by our ultimate author. Zeitoun's oldest brother was a world champion open-water distance swimmer who made Syria proud, but died young and has a statue memorializing him in his hometown. Kathy is one of nine children, Zeitoun one of 10 or so. The incident that finally compelled her conversion to Islam, of embarassment by a pastor in front of a large congregation for investigating Islam is tragic. Why would a presumed representative of God think public humiliation would help someone who was honest as she struggled with her understanding of God? That does make me so mad, but that injustice is smaller to what Zeitoun faced as a consequence of riding out the storm and staying in his neighborhood which resulted in his ability to protect his properties, his tenants, his clients' properties, his elderly neighbors and some abandoned pets. A week after the storm, Zeitoun, a Muslim friend, a tenant, and a new friend were all picked up by a heavily armed police team, assumed to be looters, (we learn that even a lady in her 70's was arrested for the same charge, as well as contractors hired to do clean up), and treated like animals, under the auspices of FEMA. Why does this organization still exist? His story is just one of many whose constitutional rights as well as human rights were violated in the name of order. At some points, I couldn't tell the difference between Zeitoun's experience and Victor Herman's in Communist Russia in his book, Coming Out of the Ice: An Unexpected Life. These things are not supposed to happen in the USA, but they do, all too often. It was worse than the hurricane, according to his wife Kathy.

    Doctors have asked Kathy what she thinks the most traumatic part of the Katrina experience was. She surprised herself and the doctors when she realized that it was after she knew Zeitoun was alive, and had been told he was at Hunt Correctional Center, but wasn't allowed to see him or even know where a court hearing might be held. It was that moment, being told by the woman on the phone that the hearing's location was "private information," that did the most damage.
    "I felt cracked open," she says.
    That this woman, a stranger, could know her despair and desperation, and simply deny her. That there could be trials without witnesses that her government could make people disappear.
    "It broke me." p.319

    It breaks me too. For all the political clamoring about the Constitution in the news these days, it only matters when people with power care about it. That Bill of Rights is intended to protect us from the absolute power of those with better weapons and training, intended for out protection, that we employ through our taxes. All I can say is I am glad my hope is not in this world. One unnamed hero in the story is an anonymous prison minister who passed on word from Zeitoun to his wife that he had not died, but was not communicating with her due to incarceration. Mercy changes everything.
  • Robert Kall "Rob Kall of Opednews.com" - Brilliant, terrifying-- a must-read book for these timesHeidi Boghosian has written a brilliant, powerful expose, spelling out how the surveillance and police state has metastasized throughout far too much of our culture.
    Each chapter details different ways government agencies and police are out of control, damaging, dangerous threats to democracy.

    Every member of congress should read a copy. Problem is, too many members of congress have forgotten they represent the american people, and not the military intelligence, insurance complex.

    I did an interview with Heidi on my radio show.
  • James A. Nichols - Great Workout.I was excited to try out a new fitness game. I was interested to see what type of workout this would provide. I love that it offers workouts, dance, cardio boxing and other types of workouts. I love how it scans you into the game. It also has workouts that target certain muscle groups. I loved how it pushes you and gives you some real intense workouts. I tried the boot camp level and was excited by how intense the workout was. Overall alot better than other fitness games I have played. This gives you a really good workout. You still have to be motivated and want to keep up with the trainer though. The kinect does a great job of tracking your movements. MY only problem was that it keeps track of how many calories you burn and on one workout I had a really good workout and it said I only burned 5 calories.
  • Thomas - Spiritual & thought provokingWhat Color is Your Parachute is a book that really puts the job hunt into perspective. There is far more to life than just a fast buck and this book helps you sort out your passion and your purpose. In addition to Parachute, I highly recommend the book 10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search by Todd Bermont. Parachute does a great job helping you decide what to do for a living. However, I found 10 Insider Secrets to be far more valuable when it comes to developing a roadmap on how to get that ideal job once you've identified it. I recommend purchasing the two books together. In doing so, you will discover your what your ideal job is and you will get it fast!