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  • Trent - You're just misplaying the gameIt's called the limited version for a reason. Once you learn to appreciate how limited it is, you'll enjoy just looking at the loading screen and feel your money was well spent. Now if this was the unlimited version, you'd have good reason for all of this nitpicking about the complete unplayability.
  • NC - This book will change your lifeMany of us have chronic body pain of some type or other. I had alway assumed this was normal and just part of living (stress), growing older (more stress), and being in a sedentary occupation. This book challenged these assumptions in my life and presented clear and compelling evidence that just because body muscular-skeletal dysfunction in our culture are common, doesn't mean it's normal. We have, as a culture, forgotten how to use our bodies in our everyday lives. This book has posture concepts that I have never seen anywhere else such as kidney bean shaped feet, J shaped spine (not S shaped), anteverted pelvis, that are clearly illustrated by photos of people in modern traditional cultures, photos of people in western cultures a hundred years ago, and our own pre-school age children. Reading this book is an awakening to how far our culture has strayed and provides hope that we can return to using our bodies in the way they were designed to be so that we can feel better, look better, and live better.