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  • Ryan Young - This series has done what nothing before it could do.This series has given me the knowledge and solutions to eat healthy. I've been following this "diet" for about two months now and have been surprised at how easy it is now. I'm disgusted thinking about what I used to eat. It's well-written and has a good layout. I highly recommend getting all of the books in the series at the same time.
  • Coby - Great TabletI really spent a lot of time researching tablets before I decided on the iPad Mini. The device is light and because I purchased the 64g it can store all the music, movies & e-books that I have. My wife who so isn't so keen on tablets uses it regularly with ease. Good bang for your buck and practical.
  • Noel Clements "indoubleyousee" - Another high 5 stars!I know Evanovich will likely get tired of Plum novels before her fans do, but in the mean time she doesn't disappoint us. I've just recently become interested in crime novels, so I bounce back and forth between Evanovich and other crime novel authors. However, the others fall short without the delightful element of humor I get from JE's Plum series. The little person in this one worked so well, I had hoped to see him again. Oh, well.
  • Daniel J. Pollack "dan" - Best product I've UsedFinally, something that doesn't wear off so easily. I live in FL and we get tons of rain. I have yet to see this stuff wash off my headlights, and other trim. I don't have a lot of time to keep re-applying protectant to the exterior of my car every time it rains. A+++ product. Why hasn't such a product come out sooner?