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  • moindn - Quickbooks Pro 2012Quickbooks 2012 is excellent accounting software, and Amazon has it available at an excellent price. The download version was very easy to download and install.
    Also, one of the neat features is the availability in my personal download library to download and re-install if something goes wrong with the software or my computer.
    I had a small glitch, totally on my side, and the support from Quickbooks helped me to clear up my situation.
  • A. Reid - Natural feel makes this a plus for entry-level and beyondThis is a bit of a second-hand review. My husband is an artist, and his input seems more pertinent here than mine.

    I did not know he was familiar with other versions when I chose this for review; his enthusiasm when I showed it to him was a good sign. He came to know this software from the iPhone and iPad first, where he owns both versions. He told me that he had enjoyed the versions he'd tried, but found the finger-based input challenging, and was interested to see what the "full size" version had to offer when using mouse and Wacom tablets for input.

    After thoroughly exploring it, he remained enthusiastic. While he emphasizes that people who are lucky enough to own several art packages will choose which one suits each project, he says that Sketchbook's pencil tool has a real-world feel that is alone worth the price of the software. Without question, this is what he most appreciates. For him, the remaining features were bonuses.

    Before purchase, you can explore the software yourself. The Autodesk web page has both the trial versions for download and an excellent overview video to highlight the primary features. But if you are looking for an entry-level art package *or* some unique sketch features to support your larger production software packages, then Sketchbook combines great value with great results.

    Above all, he says, Sketchbook makes the computer feel like a natural and comfortable method of drawing. One that he says he will recommend to both students and professionals.

    That's a really good sign. He's not as easily impressed as I am. :)