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Department of Emergency Medicine : The Ohio State University College of Medicine - Department of Emergency Medicine : The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 43228 Columbus, Ohio

  • E. Durgin - very pleased

    I just bought a 19" TV on Sunday 12/21 and they offer no tax and no shipping. Thier price was at least $50 lower than other places. They indicated I would get the TV in 7-9 working days. I received the TV on 12/23 and it was excatly what I had ordered. First buy from Amazon but I'am already looking at another TV.

  • andre - Well Worth it

    Now that i had this for a few months i might as well rate this above five star. you could throw this at a wall and it will work like a beauty. The special offers never get in the way.

    Durable little tablet.
    Very good speed.
    Amazing Picture Display.
    Good capacity.
    Sound quality exceeds perfection.

    Battery life sucks when playing games but when reading is good.
    No back facing cam.
    Slow charging speed.
    No way of increasing Capacity.

    So for this tablet on my rating scale i would rate this a 93 out of 100, sure its the best tablet i ever had in my hands, but it does not have much apps for doing work and you cant move things out of the download folder but for all the cons it has, it has the best sound quality i have ever heard and is very good with Skype and other social apps.