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  • Say It Straight - A Fisherman's LifesaverAs a fisherman huge ships can be a massive problem. I started small enough with center consoles and cuddy's, but as my trips began heading further offshore I found myself on larger and larger ships. Before I realized what was happening I was completely hooked on Huge Ships. It destroyed many of my friendships with owners of boats and small ships as I shunned them, turning my nose up at all but the hugest of ships. I was lucky enough to have caring family who with the help of expert counselors, dragged me out onto a 20-foot rigid hull inflatable and held an intervention until I agreed to cut out the huge ship habit; cold turkey.

    I am much happier now, I go out with friends on many size boats but am comfortable on all of them and haven't felt the need for a huge ship in 6 months. Even when I see a huge ship as we cross the shipping lanes I am able to control myself and leave the huge ship alone. I only wish Capt. Trimmer's book was around early enough to save the heartache my huge ship addiction caused, but I encourage those who fish from huge ships and the people who care about them to get a copy of this book. If you only buy one maritime book this year, I implore you to make it this one; Chapman's Piloting will teach you how to identify Huge Ships but only this will truly keep you away.
  • W. Smith - Great Little Tablet For Home Or TravelGreat little tablet for home and travel. Battery lasts forever when traveling and recharges quickly with supplied charger and USB cable. Plenty of expansion with optional 32gb SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC class 10 memory card I purchased at a great price on Amazon.

    The forward facing camera has great resoluton for taking pictures and they look great. The rear facing camera is good.

    The quality of the screen is outstanding. Everything crisp and clear. You can also zoom the screen in and out with the flick of your fingers.

    My wife and I like this Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet much better than any of the IPads...been there, done that.

    Because I use this tablet at home so much I also purchased the GMYLE Black Aluminum 10 inch Bluetooth Wireless Mini Slim Keyboard from Amazon when it was on sale for under $17.00. Has it's own built-in rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cord for recharging.

    I also purchased a Samsung Universal Tablet Desktop Dock EDD-D100BEGXAR from Amazon at half the price Samsung wanted. This Dock is an OEM Samsung product. Works great when I use the tablet as a mini PC at home.

    Purchased the Samsung USB & SD Connection Kit EPL-1PLRBEGSTA from Amazon. Again the price was less than the price Samsung wanted and all the contents were OEM Samsung products.

    Both the Dock and Connection Kit connectors fit the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 connector perfectly and were easy to disconnect from the tablet.

    I purchased the i-BLASON Leather Case Cover in black that fits this tablet like a glove. All necessary areas of this case cover necessary to access the tablet controls and access points are available. This is a premium leather case and is well made. The case also comes with a good Stylus at no extra charge. This was also on sale at Amazon for under $12.00.

    This Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a great little tablet and my wife and I find ourselves using them much more than our laptop or desktop computers.
  • Jo Ana Starr "Mind-Body-Spirit" - Insurance for Rainy Day BluesThis is the sweetest, cutest calendar ever ! With this CO calendar to look at every day, you can't help but feel good. The big challenge for me is not paging ahead to see the next week or so. Try to hold out. This is a great daily pick me up !

    If you love the CO website, you will adore this calendar !
  • D. Reid - Very solid and easy to put together!After reading some of the reviews, I was concerned that putting this together would be a pain, but I entered cautiously, making sure to keep the 2.5 inch bolts separated from the 2.75 inch bolts and the 3 inch bolts, then just followed the directions making sure to use the correct pieces. Construction really took only about 45 minutes. I am one who usually does not follow directions during assembly, or at least uses them as a last resort, but after reading the reviews, I decided to follow them this time and construction was a breeze. Don't let the other reviews scare you away.

    Now for the stands...Very solid, perfect height. You don't want to have to pick 50 pounds off the floor, so these stands are essential to save your back. I am tall (6'3"), and the height is perfect. I have no worries that the stand will last forever. The weights are awesome too! If you are serious about working out, invest in this and you will not regret it.
  • Tristan Gulliford - Are you prepared for 2012?In "Breaking Open the Head", Daniel Pinchbeck explored the landscapes of visionary states, writing about psychedelic substances, shamanism, and indigenous spirituality while also offering cultural criticism and insightful perspectives about our modern culture. Utilizing an unusual literary style of combining intellectual speculation with personal travelogue, Pinchbeck describes his experience of traveling to Gabon, Africa to experience the ritual of the plant Ibogaine and to learn from the wisdom of the Bwiti tribe. In "2012: The Return of Quetzacoatl" his journeys take him everywhere from the jungles of Brazil to partake in the healing ceremony of ayahuasca with the Santo Daime church, to the crop circle formations of Glastonbury, to the maniac streets of his East Village home, to the legendary Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert.

    Throughout this mind-expanding intellectual adventure, Pinchbeck is guided by the benevolent spirit of Quetzacoatl: the mythological archetype of the rainbow feathered serpent. Invoking the presence of Quetzacoatl like a shaman would invoke a totem animal spirit, Pinchbeck challenges the accepted consensus reality of our rationalized, scientific worldview: the post-modern philosophy of materialism. Instead, he offers evidence for the thesis of philosophical idealism, which states that consciousness creates the material world, not the other way around.

    In the company of thinkers such as Michael Talbot, William Irwin Thompson, Rudolph Steiner, and Amit Goswami, Pinchbeck describes the cosmic mindstate of "nondualism" and transcending the traditional subject/object split, which is supported by the idea in quantum physics that the observer creates reality through the act of perception. To give credence to this view, Pinchbeck again chooses the unusual style of blending first-hand experience with intellectual philosophy, to emphasize the importance of subjective experience within science and the study of consciousness.

    While "2012" may be a daunting read for the uninitiated, the true seeker will find an insightful tome that hints at an emerging paradigm, a new worldview that synthesizes diverse ideas such as the nature of reality and the significance of non-linear time, shamanism, entheogens, magic, dreaming, reincarnation, indigenous prophecy, Ray Kurzweil's "technological singularity", the alien abduction phenomenon, quantum physics, the Burning Man festival, the looming mystery of the year 2012, Gnostic Christianity, crop circles, the secrets of the Mayan calendar, the works of Terence McKenna, Rudolph Steiner, and Carl Jung, the need for ecological and planetary awareness, and the possibility of unified consciousness.

    With its mixture of charm, wit, resonant prophecy, and deeply mystical knowledge, "2012" isn't a book that anyone will soon forget. Pinchbeck is one of the most fascinating and multi-faceted modern intellectuals. His message of the transformative potential of a psychic shift from our greedy, ego-based society to a compassionate and collaborative planetary culture is one that needs to be heard and absorbed into the public dialogue.