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  • Richard Pellicciaro - Pretty good job, Seagate!I'm a tech-savvy individual with lots of videos and photos in my personal archive. I had been filling up my regular backup HDD with stuff other than backups - games, software downloads and the like - and decided to add a 3TB external drive solely for that purpose. Since my main PC has USB3 ports I wanted a USB3 drive for the extra speed over USB2. This unit caught my eye on sale so I ordered one. It came formatted for Windows and showed up as drive G: on my system, labeled "Seagate Expansion Drive".

    It is compact for its storage capacity, and generally very fast for my needs. However the unit begins to get warm to the touch after just a few minutes of use, so some amount ventilation is a good idea (i.e., don't put stuff on top.) As an experiment I placed a glass tumbler full of ice cubes on top, and it stayed noticeably cooler. As a matter of fact, the ice totally melted after an hour or so of using the drive. Heat is a function of RPM, so a 7200RPM HDD will typically run hotter than say a 5900RM HDD. Couple that with a hard plastic case that is not much bigger than the physical HDD itself, and where does the heat have to go... the tiny holes on the bottom and rear? Yes, unfortunately since the cooling design is passive.

    Heat factor aside, this drive is very practical and very simple to use. There's no power button, but if you don't need it on you can save some watts (and drive life) by ejecting it in Windows, then unplugging either the power cord or the USB cable. Better yet, boot without it and only attach it when needed.

    Overall I am very pleased with this model, and recommend it for its capacity, speed, and ease of use. Pretty good job, Seagate!
  • B. Green "Avid reader" - Sweat No More!This product is Amazing. Had previously purchased this product from Wal-Mart, but could no longer find it on their shelves. Once a week use will leave your underarms dry and your clothing without underarm stains. Works as well or better than the prescription product I was always having to purchase from the pharmacy.