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  • FilmGuru "D" - Finally!! The quintessential guide to pick-up!We got a taste of what it might be like in The Game, but finally a step by step guide to mastering the game!

    The Rules of the Game is a two book set. The Stylelife Challenge book is more of a guide loaded with fun and interesting missions that you can either do alone or with friends. It's more of a guide and workbook where you can learn and write out your results. The best part is that it walks you though the game step by step so you can understand the transitions and know when and how to go to the next step.

    The second book, The Style Diaries, is more of a fun read that chronicles the author's own experience as he was learning the game. It's a perfect as you get to read about his journey while taking your own.

    It's all you'll need whether you're just beginning or you've been out there and are having some rough spots.

    BTW The author is doing some kind of Myspace TV thing. He's got David Faustino from Married with Children and the dude from Parker Lewis where they're trying different pick-up methods. Hilarious!!
  • C. C. "Computer Nut" - wifes a retired nursemy wife is a nurse she felt she needed drug reference manual at home equivalent to what was available within the hospaital... this book provied the information she needed in a inexpensive soft cover book... well worth the money for anyone who needs a similar drug reference book...