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  • Lc1009 - Can't put the book down!This book has helper me understand more about all the toxins in so many products. Easy read, but super fun to read. I didn't think I'd toss my old products in my home like other reviewed, but after reading her book, I have! It's really making me want to have a healthier lifestyle (but keeping it fun and simple!) for myself and my family. I've purchased her products on the honest website. Their AWESOME. It's worth going Eco and yet, her advice and products if you choose to by from her, are affordable. I'm obsessed with this book. Thank you!
  • B. Golden "87chevy" - Great educational tool and fun!Since my daughter got this tablet she had not put it down! She uses it atleast once a day and loves it. She's 5 and has already added new vocabulary to her cannon and is craving more. She's also dropped it a couple of times on our tile floor and no damage as of yet (we do have a gel cover on it). Battery life lasts about two weeks from what I've seen which is pretty good.
  • Cathie M. Knapp "Catknapp" - Love My iPad!The iPad Mini is the best thing since sliced bread! I'm learning that it does everything but scrub the floor! My only disappointment is there are no instructions. I'm aware that mfg. don't include instructions anymore but it 's a really frustrating way to learn when you've never even held an iPAd in your hand before! I'm sure I'll master it in time but it's not the easiest way to learn. It would be so much more helpful if it had instructions. Wouldn't a positive experience be better than a negative one?