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  • Sky King - Impressive sound from a compact unitFull, clean, balanced sound. Decent bass. No major issues, but sometimes you have to press the power switch twice to turn off. Paired easily with my phone. I just wished it had player controls on it (Play, Pause, Skip and Back) like some other portable speakers do. All-in-all, I'm very happy with this product and recommend it.

    Update 10/04/2013: The issue with having to press the power button several times to turn off has worsened. Now it regularly takes anywhere from two to seven presses of the power button to turn off. I called TDK tech support who answered my call promptly without having to wait on hold. The tech was courteous, seemed knowledgeable and sounded like he was US-based. He stated that he had not received any other calls concerning this issue, so it must be an isolated problem with my unit.

    He asked for my email and sent me info on returning the unit for repair. He said that I would have to pay for shipping to send the unit to them but they would fix and return the unit to me for no additional charge.

    Unless the problem worsens or other problems develop, I won't go through the hassle and cost of returning the speaker. The problem remains only a relatively minor inconvenience at this time. Am still generally happy with this device and its good sound.
  • eyedoc - Really helpsI have used this for a few years now. I used to be on prescription medicine for IBS. Since using this, I no longer need it. And it is much cheaper on Amazon than in the store.
  • ABRAHAM ANOE-LAMPTEY - A very good phoneExcellent. just what I ordered. This phone is not very complicated, but you can make it complicated if you want. I like that it attempt to say the name of whoever is calling, ( if you have caller ID like we do). The screen of the main unit is well lit. The screen on the handset can be a bit hard to reach, if you walking toward it at angle. Oh yeah, I've already had it for 2 months. I only need 2 handsets but bought the 4 handset model just in case. Strangely, for me at least, the mic on the handset works better in speakerphone mode then the base mic. of course the base speaker sounds better, oh well. I passed on buy the model with bluetooth ( Link 2 Cell, they call it). Wish I didn't. I bought that model for a girlfriend ( not from Amazon) and she loves it! When she gets phone she put the cell phone near the base and answers all call thru the better sounding handset. I LOVE, LOVE that I can use regular rechargeable AAA battery on this phone if the panasonic ones got bad. GUYS, don't forget to get a wire brush to clean the contacts every year or so. Solid, excellent household ( or small store, beauty salon) phone.
  • Premium Outlets Giftcard Customer "thenonhacker" - I am reviewing this at Patch 1.0.5I know how disappointing Diablo 3 was during the early days.

    Patch 1.0.5 has changed all of that! Players have returned, as my friends list is alive again.

    The game now features 11 difficulty levels, better legendary items, Paragon Leveling from 1-100 (upon reaching Level 60) with MF and GF stats rewards, an over-arching Uber Boss quest so that you can forge the most-sought-after Hellfire Ring, and improved & balanced skills.

    Check out the blogs if you've been on hiatus last Patch 1.0.1. Get up to speed with Patch 1.0.5 and the rest is enjoyment!

    If you want friendly community help and tips and strategies, I highly recommend

    Several months ago I would have given this product 2 stars. But after all their hardwork fixing and patching and listening to us players, I am giving them 5 stars.
  • D. Patino-moreno - BANG for your buckI've always been really into drawing and sketching,I've recently embarked on a new path art wise. I'm starting to work on a commic book idea and from many authors and illustrators in that field I've heard that digital art has become a new standard. I jumped into it head first and with Sketchbook Pro it was so easy to get used to it. The transition from papper to monitor was seamless with this software. The layering is absolutely vital to how I like to work and this program makes it so much easier to work that way there's no trouble with small mistakes because of the undo/redo arrows a brilliant. Bottom line, this is an amazing product and it is so easy to use and easy to learn. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get in on the digital art wave.