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  • CH "cutting edge" - Great meal replacementI'm hooked. I use the Raw Meal in the morning, and it keeps me full for hours. I'm impressed with how healthy it is, and really have experienced an amazing amount of energy that lasts well into the evening hours. I've also started to lose some inches, and just feel better overall. I did some trial and error on what to mix it with since the flavor is not that great. These all work great with the powder:

    - Coconut water, few strawberries (even frozen work well), plain yogurt (lactose free)
    - Almond milk (unsweetened), strawberries
    - Coconut water, Emergen-C (vitamin D , vitamin C & calcium mixed berry)

    It mostly comes down to what I already have in the fridge. I mix mine in the Magic Bullet (which I already owned), and in less than a minute I'm good to go. I started out just using one scoop, and worked my way up to two.

    I have a niece that is vegan, and a sister that is gluten free. Both of them are challenged with getting enough nutrients throughout the day, and they're both light eaters. I'm going to take RM with me when I visit during the holidays, and fix them some nice healthy smoothies.
  • Joe Kubik - best tablet awsome sellerI just wanted to say what a wonderfull experince i had with this seller and this tablet it is very fast and everything works great and un very haooy with it i looked at other tablets and i couldnt be happier with this oine i recommend to all