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  • Boulder Nana - Great ItemWe purchased this product to get our six month old Great Granddaughter off the floor in her car seat and up at the table to be part of the family at dinner time. It is very well made-looks great if you decide to leave it up. But it is really not made for feeding a baby at the home dinner table as babies can be messy. For this reason we purchased the standard high chair. This prodcut is really meant for when you go out to dinner. There is a build it carry case and very easy to set up. If you are a on the go family this product is a must and worth the money.
  • Stacey - Great New ProductThis product is great! Worked very fast and very easy to use. It's fast and effective relief from cold sores. I was lucky to receive a free sample from Smiley360 and couldn't be happier that I was chosen to try it. I know have a go to medicine for whenever I need it.
  • Christine L. Muller "DancingNerd" - A practical guide indeed!I love this book, we have it as mandatory reading for anyone new to our "family", whether they're just passing through, or joining for the long term. It's funny, light hearted, intuitive, and a fast read. I call it the "quick n dirty" for poly :)

    This is the 3rd copy I've bought, as ours keep going missing (which is fine with us, better that people read it and keep it!!)
  • Desert Rat - The World Almanac 2012I ordered this for my father for a Christmas present. Although he wanted the New York Times Almanac (as he says it is the best format and most comprehensive). I ordered this one too so he would have an Almanac to "fill in the gaps" of anything the NYTimes one missed. He was pleasantly surprised to receive both almanacs right before the holidays. For people who like to look up facts and perhaps have no internet at their fingertips this is the next best thing!