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  • Classic Cat - Works for me!!I purchased this for a third of the price ( it cost $60 if you purchase it from Symantec). And yes it covers 3 PCs. Once I downloaded it it showed "you have 15 days left" free trial. This bothered me alot, until I found the product key (which can be found if you go to your amazon account, and then open the "software library). After entering the product key (25 digits)it shows I have 365 days left. The product key is good for 365 days ( after activation) and is good for 3 PCs.
  • Hughbert Jass - Good, who cares if Roger took overOK, when Roger took over, the sound might have not have been Pink Floyd, but there was some classic Floyd here, admit it. I'm not saying that the Final Cut was a good album, I'm just saying that this isn't as bad as almost all floyd fans say, infact...IT ROCKS!!!!!!! It starts with a Pink Floyd show (Pink Floyd is the fictional character in this story), then it goes back to his birth (baby crying). It then kicks into his childhood problems, Dad dieing in war, abusive schoolmasters, overprotective mother, unable to deal with young lust. Then, his gilrfriend leaves him, and the pain of being alone is the last straw, and Pink Floyd goes insane. Then, on disc 2, Pink Floyd reaches out to the troubled youth in his music and becomes a successful rock star with lots of pride, but his paining memories still haunt him. Then, he uses drugs to calm himself, but thinks get out of line at his concert, the same concert where our story begins. Then, he realizes it needs to stop, and after a trial in his mind, it ends and he goes outside the wall. Oh, i forgot, the wall is an imaginary thing that isolates pink floyd from the rest of the world.

    As for the music, Rockin', "In the Flesh?" is 1 of those songs, not nearly heard enough. "Another Brick in the Wall" is a classic & an anthem for anyone who hates school. ok, i don't feel like going thru the rest of the songs, but trust me they're good, and i know some songs seem like filler, but it's only to contribute to the story.
  • A. Bagchee "Tech Snob" - Shows the true color of Pink FloydIts amazing that Pink Floyd comes up with some really good music after Roger Waters leaves the group. There's no denying the fact that albums like Dark Side of the Moon, Delicate Sound of Thunder, The Wall etc. are legends of rock but Division Bell carved a different niche that was, unfairly, not received well by the "traditional" Pink Floyd fans.Maybe it should have been named "Listen Without Prejudice"! By not bringing a mind-set to this album, you'll see the great work of David Gilmour and how wrong Roger Waters was to try and break up the group. Compositions like Coming Back to Life and Take it Back are masterpieces.