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  • Malory Benton - Better than PunchIf you read other reviews that compare Punch products to Home Designer, you will see that this software is superior. I had an old version of Punch that, well, wasn't just right. I blamed myself that while I am very good at learning new software, I simply could not get Punch to behave. Home Designer is extremely powerful, works logically and is bug-free - it is clearly a simplified version of the professional Chief Architect products made by the same company (which are simply too expensive for the layman) but Home Designer does everything a "designer" would want.

    There are several products in the series and you should compare which features you would need. There is a three-hundred dollar difference between Architectural (which I have) and Professional. The only feature that Pro has that I wish was included is the ability to press the Control key while clicking on similar items (like kitchen cabinets) to change the features of all of them at once - say to go from oak to a birch finish. That is very time consuming to do one-at-a-time.

    I designed my kitchen with opening walls and putting in cabinets and appliances, then I developed 3D views and even a short video walk through. This after only 6 hours of watching short training videos and playing with the program.

    Don't think that purchasing this software will solve all your design problems anymore than buying an expensive word processing program will solve the problem of writing a thesis. You need to know the logic of what is possible in moving walls and how best to layout a kitchen. But this software will do exactly what you ask and won't LET you do something impossible.

    Included in the price is ongoing training webinars. This program is a joy to use after a short learning curve and I highly recommend it.
  • tymo1991 - Freezes so Good.This product works very well, beats going to the doctor for multiple visits and co-pays for the same effect. Works in two or three treatments and has the same effect. Great buy!
  • Just John "Just John" - Incredible Story about an incredible womanIts not about the hardships we all face, (though Ping's life was filled with more than a fair share) its about how we learn from them, and in Ping's case, use that learning to the betterment of society.

    Unbelievably - this wonderful woman is under attach from China AGAIN! A horde of amazingly ill constructed critical reviews by people that admit they did not even read the book! Where do these people come from? They have no other reviews on Amazon, they use obscene language, and often admit they did not read the book. And then use mass numbers to push up the negative reviews, even tricking the system by writing negative reviews with 5 stars so the mention is higher.

    This book is about resiliency, it is not a history of the cultural revolution or an attack on China today. I am very suspicious about the negative reviewers motivations. That they are factually absurd is often the case with Amazon reviews, but vitriolic and obscene is too much!
  • Auggie - Best deal on antvirusI like this deal of getting the renewal code on Amazon at this price and simply entering it in the subscription status renew link at the bottom of the Norton screen.
    The renewal fee via the Norton itself or the Norton Symantec website was double of this.
    Great deal for a great product.