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  • Piers Lehmann - Number randomnessI can partially concur on the review given by Louis, On the point of favourite Random number, 776834689765872643756324876 this was actually a close second for me, having myself given it considerable thought and after considerable debate with fellow random number enthusiasts, we have made a firm descision that the top place for our most converted random number must go to 7267268972587295534337209. What clinched the position was the random placement of the 72 digits (1,4,2,7), If one looks closely at the placement, one can begin to appreciate the randomness of the '72' digits thus elevating the reader to explore other random number aspects of this fascinating occupation. The book was a master piece of writing, I, no we ( a random number club) have this volume proudly displayed on our bookshelf. the book beginning to end is a wonderful informative and exciting read. well worth the money and the wait.Interested in this then have a look at CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae (30th Ed)Excellent read...many thanks Rand regards24912795
  • penname89 - weapon of warI don't eat bananas ...my doctor told me to lay off the penis shaped foods ...ya know THE BEST KIND ....however ..I have found this thing to be a great defense weapon against flying bananas while playing fruit ninja !! I weild it in my left hand and every time a banana comes at me I scream GET SOME !!! then slice it into like 12 pieces and the bonus points are awesome ....here's a little suggestion though ...make them fully customizable ..I mean I wanna be able to out a foregrip ,a muzzle brake , six position retractable stock , magwell grips , 45șiron sights ...ya know the works ..that way when the banana revolution comes along we are ready for them ...don't let congress know about these weapons of banana war we don't want them to be blamed in massive banana massacres instead of the irresponsible banana slicer weilding retards that are actually responsible ...they are not banana assault weapons they are banana defense weapons !! Oh and make them black also .....not just any black ...make them evil black ...