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  • Rare's Reviews - Love the Soda Stream JetWe've used the Soda Stream jet in our home for about 8 years (back then it was the Soda Club). We've never had a problem with it, it does what it's supposed to and still works well after all this time. It works best when you use cold water so keep the bottles full and in your refrigerator that way they'll be cold when you're ready for a drink. Love the half-liter bottles, nice when you only want to make a drink for one person. The My Water Essences are a welcome addition to the flavor line-up for those who enjoy seltzer water with a hint of flavor and no sweetness. Our investment in this product is one that we're still pleased with. It's been a fun product to have.
  • Craig Booth - Awesome!I have only messed with it for a few hours but I love it. It is much better than the other tablets that I have messed with. Ice Cream Sandwich is great I think that it will be a big advantage over honeycomb.
  • Andres900 - Expanding the boundaries of human intellectTalk about mind expansion! Is it just me, or do others also feel more intelligent after reading Sam Harris' writing? Challenging and boldly expanding the boundaries of our intellect, The Moral Landscape not only questions religion's previously unquestionable (at the risk of humiliation, prejudice, torture, and even death) monopoly on human morality, but also explains, with unparalleled clarity, how science and our own brains are capable of providing stronger, more reliable, more beneficial, and more objective answers to our profound moral questions. I can't help but recall the numerous times I have been asked (albeit with wholly reasonable justification) by individuals of various religions and non-religions, "where oh where will we humans derive our moral compass if not from religion?" Finally, a wonderful answer to such a critical dilemma. Reading Mr. Harris' magnificently thought-provoking argument truly makes me feel as a witness to the living and breathing progression of human intelligence. I'm glad to be around to see this. I'll put my bottom-line opinion very simply, if you have ever caught yourself wondering about the direction of the human race, or if you have ever found yourself caring at all about our place in the history of the world, read this book.
  • Paul A. Harris - The "To Kill A Mockingbird" for this generation!Having been a California tourist trapped in the Superdome during Katrina and the subsequent levee failures, Zeitoun was a poignant read for me. It kept me captivated and there are so many lessons in it about tolerance, love, forgetfulness, and the dangers of our growing U.S. Government's ignoring of Constitutional protections under the guise of national security. Any voting American, any student of history, any person who feels a tinge of racism, or religious intolerance needs to read this book. I'm serious when I say it could well become the next "To Kill a Mockingbird".

    Paul Harris
    Author, "Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina"
  • jsaisalligot - The most well written book I have ever readWhile the story and subject matter may be difficult for some to read, this book is artistically perfect. The characters are well crafted multi-dimensional people, the descriptions are so visual you can imagine the events unfolding before you as you read. The "road" becomes a central character in the book, at times hopeful at times menacing. Beautifully written and probably the best book I have ever had theleasure of reading.