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  • Lura Munns - Baby's favorite toy!We bought this gym for my son when he was 3 months old, and he absolutely loves it. He wasn't reaching for the dangling toys on his infant chair or car seat yet, but he started to grab at the dangling toys on this gym right away. They do hang very low (like another reviewer mentioned, they do bump his face, but he doesn't seem to mind), so I think that's why he was so quick to grab at them. He finds the elephant toy particularly fascinating, and he could manipulate the ball on that toy with his hands still in tight fists. He loves the mirror, and coos at his reflection. He can easily kick the piano keys, and is already starting to learn to kick for music. I think he would have enjoyed this gym even younger than 3 months if we'd bought it sooner! The gym holds his attention for up to a half hour or so - far longer than any other toy/seat/swing we've tried. I strongly recommend it.

    I only have one slightly negative comment. As fabulous as this gym is when the baby is on his back, it really doesn't work well for tummy time. The material of the mat is slippery. My little guy has pretty strong arms and neck and has been pushing himself up since he was about 6 weeks old, but he struggles on this gym because his hands slip out from under him. I even tried putting a blanket over the mat, but he moves it around and he still slips, and he gets frustrated pretty quickly. My son can't sit up yet, so I can't comment on how well the piano works as a sitting toy. However I still think this product deserves 5 stars just for the fun he has playing on his back!
  • AaronSki Mac-e-Mac "AaronSki Mac-e-Mac" - takes time to get controls downtakes time to get controls down but once u do a lot of fun takes time to unlock plays r u can pay for it best graphics ever seen on a tablet game
  • Rosie Brown - Life saving, life changing in all ways not just datingNo matter who you are, what your circumstances this book will help. It changes the way you think about yourself, the standard cliches about men, your perspective on day to day life, the only problem is get more than one copy! I have married girlfriends, newly dating girlfriends and single girlfriends who all want to borrow it! But i cant put it down!