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  • J. McNaught - Cool Star Wars Legos AdventMy kids have loved finding a new toy everyday. My son loves Star Wars. It has built up a fun little set to play with. We purchased a little box before hand so all the new toys had a place to go. It can be tricky figuring out how each piece goes together. I have to help my 5 year old with all of them but the people. They love the surprise! Fun way to count down without all the sugar.
  • M. Snyder "ElectronGeek" - Works great !I bought this to pair with my Asus TF700 tablet and it works flawlessly! No problems no issues. I inserted the micro sd class 10 and the tablet recognized the chip in no time $25
  • JeanElaine "JeanElaine" - Adventure,Romance to rival Jack Sparrow on the High SeasToday I finished the Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, third book in the Outlander series. After I clicked my Kindle off button I sat there feeling as if I'd digested a huge multi course dinner. This is a very long book, over a thousand pages in print and 1751kb and I never tired of the story. That's saying a lot. As a speed reader, I've a bad habit of skimming but not with Ms. Gabaldon's books. The imagery and thrills, kept me riveted turning page after page. I didn't want to miss a word and at the end I wanted to let it digest. It's been a while since I'd read the first two books and I worried about picking back up the story line. A needless concern. In the Voyager, Ms. Gabaldon weaves a beautiful story that reminds the reader where Claire and Jamie have been in the past and leaves us satisfied at the end.
    In the Voyager, Claire, and her grown daughter, discover Jamie did not die in the killing fields of Culloden. Torn between staying with her daughter or traveling through time and space she finds a way to return to Jamie. Her adventures in a divided Scotland and a daring voyage into the unknown for the love and passion weave a spell binding story not to be missed.
  • Pat Awesome - Perfect for Long RunsI used to make fun of people I saw running with these things on. In all honesty they are silly looking. But for long runs they are a life saver. It takes about two minutes of being on my back before I forget it is there. It is much better than carrying a bottle, and holds about four times as much. It supplies enough water for fifteen miles on a hot day. There is a little pocket on the back that can fit your keys and an ipod, which I prefer to having my ipod strapped to my arm. The pocket is not good for gels or anything that you want to access without having to stop and take the pack off. I think the greatest benefit of Camelbaks is the freedom of not have to plan runs around water breaks. For the price, I really can't recommend the HydroBak enough.
  • Steve Conklin - Works for MeI updated from Quicken that I had purchased a couple of years before, and before that I had a version from around 2008, before that I had a version from... so you get the point, I have had Quicken for many years. It was easy to update to the new version and it works like the old one. It did get rid of an annoying glitch. I had two bank cards from the same bank and for some reason they could not get the second bank card to update so I had to go logon to the bank and download the Quicken file once in awhile. That has now been fixed. I'm sure there are many new gadgets but I have not used them. It takes a very nice snapshot of everything that I have, and everything that I owe and tells me my networth, keeps track of all my accounts, let me see where all my money is going and that is about all that I use it for. It is a handy program and I back it up about once a month on an external hard drive. Losing the program and the files would be a huge mess, so the program is very important for keeping our financial records straight. Because of Quicken I gave up balancing my checkbook years ago, some find this shocking, I find it a relief.