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  • alucard9911 - Great stuff!Really works. I take this w Creatine and Arginine. This will break you out (not to bad, but you can use a mild soap to help w that). Also I would recommend one your month is up to cycle off for 45-60 days. And prob rplc w Universal Sterol complex w Universal Uni-Liver (this is not for liver protection) and milk thistle (THIS is for liver protection).
  • Roscoe Compton - Love it.Great tablet and have had great luck with warranty service. Have owned not the TF101 as well as the TF201 and loved both. Smooth transition between screens, quick response after start up and love the ability to store and retreive files stored on the unit. Purchasing the appropriated apps has helped me make this a great work tools. Eleven months of ownership and the rear camera began to malfunction. Call Asus, got a RMA, sent to service center and got back repair all under warranty.
  • Lou Espi - A terrific phone systemThis phone system provides everything we wanted, audio clarity, range, good pick-up quality when on the speaker-phone function. We have a detached workshop and while the range capability allowed reception out there, it was just on the margine. So I purchased the extender unit, installed it in the attic over the garage and can now talk almost anywhere on the property. The unit also has a great feature for blocking nuisance calls. A great product
  • Tracy Vasquez - Quicken is the Best!I wouldn't be able to live without my Quicken... at least, not comfortably. I love having everything balanced to the penny and how easy it is to trend your spending & create a budget. Excellent program, used for over a decade. The only thing I don't like about the program is the annoying upgrade reminders when I'm perfectly happy with the version that I use.
  • J.R. Mendez - Looks awesome!Just installed this in my 2012 Challenger SRT8 and it looks awesome! Installation took all of 10 minutes with majority of time spent in carefully removing the stock knob. Was able to find video on YouTube on how to remove the original (just search Remove Dodge Challenger Shift Knob). The T-shifter feels and looks solid - very high quality. Just press the shifter down on the shaft all the way down (it will want to stop about 2/3 way down), and tighten the Allen screw with the proper size wrench so it's snug and flush with the body of the shifter. Shifter is fits slightly angled for a natural feel from the driver's side. It really looks great, and adds a terrific nostalgic early '70s muscle car vibe. Nice finishing touch to the Challenger cockpit!