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  • Dynomutt - If it's good enough for Christ...Humans are not meant to drink the lactic secretions of other animals, so despite the company's modesty, I will personally commend them on this 5-star milk product collected directly from the breasts of the mother to the recently born second coming of Christ. I understand the company's desire that she remain anonymous, so I will divulge no identifying information; only my wholehearted praise for this fantastic beverage. With His belly full of Tuscan Milk (in its strongest, unpasteurized form), I have no doubts that He shall right the world at last. Thank you, Amazon, for providing me the opportunity to purchse Tuscan Whole Milk (by the gallon, no less!).
  • Jeanne Ball "mountain girl" - bean bagWhat's all the fuss about the taste! Don't people know how to doctor the taste? Just add a few dates or a banana, cardamon and blend it. It's fine. Sometimes I also add cashew butter. If you soak the dates overnight, they blend faster.
  • Enremeit - Please people, stop listening to reviews from months ago...Of the top three reviews, none of them are current. Diablo III is now on patch 1.05, while these reviews are 1.03 and before. Patches 1.04 and 1.05 brought about many major changes to the game that have made such a big difference. (and no, server issues do not exist anymore, if you see lag in game, that's your own internet/computer)

    The skill system is in place so that you can infinitely try new combinations, or entirely new builds, without having to completely re-level a new character (and I can't count the number of times I messed up and place a single stat or skill point in the wrong the spot in Diablo II and had to completely start over)

    Legendary items have received buffs in 1.04 that made them just that, and placed them back on top of the gear list.

    1.04 also brought us another 100 levels through the Paragon system, and that alone has brought many old players that quit.

    1.05 saw a nerf to monsters health and damage in Inferno after Blizzard finally admitted that they screwed up by having their internal testers play with many different configurations until they found the perfect level for Inferno, and then Jay Wilson (yes, still not a respected game director anymore) decided that it should be made twice as difficult as what their testers had agreed on, and then never tested the new difficulty before releasing it. They also added the Monster Power system so that players with extremely good gear can go back to that higher difficulty, or even well beyond that.

    The last, and definitely most important point I must make, is this; INFERNO IS NOT DESIGNED FOR CASUAL GAMERS!!! Normal, Nightmare, and Hell are designed for everyday players. Inferno is designed to be that extra challenge for players who have what it takes to go through the gear grind and not expect everything to be given to them. Inferno is only for the dedicated, hardcore gamers.

    Take it from someone who never really stopped playing the game rather than people who have played in six months, this really is a good game, and you should do the research yourself. (my Battletag is Enremeit#1915 for those who want to look it up on the main website because they don't believe me [that progress is me being lazy/playing League of Legends and other games/balancing time with my girlfriend and work/school])
  • Rose K. - An Expert Character Study in the Vein of American PsychoAlissa Nutting is an exceptional talent. Celeste Price is not a likeable character in the least, but she is so deftly explored, and so completely and convincingly realized, that I was wholly engrossed in her story.

    Told in the first person, we have complete access to Price's peculiarities, predilections, and foibles, with the full detail of her sharp, succinct, and frequently humorous observations. Nutting, while generous in her use of description, doesn't waste a single word. She moves the story forward with a skillful hand- slow builds where needed, coupled with efficient movement that always feels fluid. By the time you sense the first steps uphill towards the climax of the story, you are so deep inside Price's head that her behavior is fully entrenched in the "shockingnotshocking" zone. Her observations of the events unfolding, and of herself, remain consistently unflinching, even as we see her shifting out of control.

    Nutting has crafted her main character's filter so deliberately, and guides the novel with such a steady hand, I found the book difficult to put down. I finished it in less than three days, and will definitely read it a second time. Excellent writing, through and through.
  • Barry S. - Nothing Gets By It!I've been using Norton products for several years now ever since I got burned by McAfee.Since then I've only used Norton Internet Security Suites and I've never had any malware penetrate it's defenses. I started using Norton based on reviews by the online computer magazines. It's the best and you can get good prices if you look around. It's easy to install and maintain. If your computer is infected when you install this, it will clean it up. It's good peace of mind knowing your system is secure. With Norton you won't be sorry but with the others you might be.