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  • JerryCurl1986 - Best Wide Angle for Canon cropped sensorThis lens is a great option for any Canon owner of a 7d and below. The build quality may not be "L" standards, but picture quality is outstanding! I use this lens for large group shots, indoor shooting, street shooting, and anything/everything to create that "WIDE" look. If you are looking for a wide angle for your bag, this is your best option. I owned the Tokina 11-16...this one is superior and has a further reach...the extra money for this Canon 10-22 was worth it.
  • Donna - A Busy Bogan Day"Tagg is great for tracking a busy dog during the the activity level feature so I always know if our dog, Bogan is getting enough exercise. I love the app for my phone as Bogan rides a van to and from daycare each day. I know exactly where he is throughout the day, when he arrives at daycare, and when he arrives back home via text messages. I have read that Tagg is expanding the uses for the tracker. I cant wait to see what they come up with.

    Tagg is attached to his collar for at least 16 hours a day and i have never had battery issues. I do use a small piece of medical tape on both sides of Tagg since, boys will be boys, and wrestling with is buddies at daycare is one of his favorite pastimes...

    The Tagg staff was extremely helpful when we had a few issues when we first purchased his tracker. Their customer service people were great at following up to make sure we were happy with its functioning.

    Tagg is the one of the most valuable items I have purchased because it makes sure my best friend, Bogan, is happy and healthy! Great product AAAAAA+++++
  • Cindy Kilbourne - Kaplan NCLEX-RN review bookThis book is absolutely amazing. If you actually sit down and take the time to read it thoroughly, it is very helpful. It really makes you think about how to critically think, which is exactly what you have to do on the NCLEX. There are very many strategies in the book that help you to narrow down choices on the NCLEX and they really work! It also comes with a CD that has 1 test on it and this test helps you to see where you are and what you need to work on before the real test. This book is very good I would recommend it to anybody who is serious about passing the NCLEX on the first time.
  • TJ Ludwig - Very Practical Advice RE: Today's Boy WorldMasterminds and Wingmen by Rosalind Wiseman is a great resource for parents and any adult working with kids who want to better understand what is going on in the minds of boys and how they communicate. There are sections that you can read with boys, which I have done with my 15-year-old, but I think it's best for parents and educators to read.

    What I love about this book is that Rosalind Wiseman shares the opinions and viewpoints of many teenage boys (middle schoolers and high schoolers) she's collaborated with to help the reader recognize, appreciate, and understand the challenges boys face in their social world. It also challenges adults regarding how our own assumptions (and emotional baggage) can build up or break down our relationships with boys.
  • Glenda M. Browne "Linux tyro" - Gives a whole new meaning to 'self-defence'After I achieved my Tenth Dan Black Belt in Feng Shue, I thought that martial arts had nothing left to teach me. Boy, was I wrong! If I told you too much about the Banana Slicer Fight Club I'd have to kill you, so let me just say that until you've seen a small middle-aged man carving two savage pit bulls into small, cylindrical, evenly-sized pieces -- well, you haven't lived. Thank you, Hutzler!