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    However, reading Andy Williams SEO 2013 and Beyond was incredibly refreshing. He even says, "Do you believe your page deserves to rank above medical sites, where the authors are medical doctors?" This statement really impressed me. Google is the top search engine because it provides its searchers with amazing content and when these SEO 'experts' altered the results in my searches giving me crappy content I got upset. This is where Andy's white-hat strategies for SEO really impressed me. Get to the top of Google by providing your visitors true value instead of an empty spammy website!

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  • Stephanie A. French - Wow! Radical is right on!Not a book for the bedside table! Thought-provoking and challenging, I found myself pausing now and again to really digest it. Honestly, I was surprised to see myself on the pages of this book... I'm guilty of some of Platt's criticisms. David Platt highlights the early ministry of Jesus as he called his disciples to radical and life-altering decisions to follow him. Too often we minimize the cost of following Christ for the sake of adding numbers. This book has changed the way I see salvations happening in my ministry. No more A, B, C's ... From now on I'm talking believe and obey Jesus. We must live the life he calls us to, not some safe and comfortable and often boring version of it. Platt challenges his readers to radical sacrifice. It's about time Christians in America get kicked out of the lazyboy and into the electric chair with insatiable desperation for the Good News.
  • Jim8120 - Great Source of Reference!The World Almanac And Book Of Facts is a great source of reference and information. It is updated every year, so it it is up to date on everything from World events, U.S., Science, and Sporting events. I reccomend it for work or school. The World Almanac And Book Of Facts is a GREAT TOOL!! The best reference and source of information book around! The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2012
  • Harper G. - Money/time saverI wouldn't have purchased this wonderful machine, had I not read all of the fantastic reviews. It just seemed too good to be true. I can now confirm, this machine is excellent. I am now able to avoid my daily detour to Starbucks and the $5 expense. I use Trader Joe's Expresso beans (I grind them), Trader Joe's vanilla soy milk, sugar free vanilla syrup, and I ordered the small coffee filters from Amazon-- they were cheap (you can't find them at the grocery or retail chains).
    The only major issue that I have encountered is that the machine doesn't froth the milk correctly on the very first use after being unplugged. The frother usually starts while the coffee is brewing, but on the first use, it doesn't start until after the coffee has been brewed. After the first batch, it works as it should. I love, love, love this machine. It is worth every penny and then some.