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  • I. Baker - Perfect for Supressing DemocracyWe live in scary times. Lazy bums are occupying parks all over the country, students are making poignant and reasonable demands, the fabulously wealthy are being called mean names in the media. And worst of all, the top 1% of the US population only own 25% of the country. During terrifying times like this, I always make sure to have my Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream pepper spray on hand. Whenever someone holds up a sign with a pithy remark about progressive tax reform, spray them in the face with one of these puppies, and they'll run back to their hemp huts crying like the babies they are. Or say you've got some dangerous students conducting aggressive tacticts like holding hands or speaking in unison. This baby will surely put some red in their eyes. Remember, someone's got to stand up against democracy. I'm glad I've got this pepper spray to help me.
  • R. J. Williams - A Nurse Practitioner says buy this bookIf you are prepping for TEOTWAWKI and do not have a medical background, THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK YOU MUST BUY! Covers home remedies that work, how to treat 75% or more of the conditions and illnesses encountered in a grid crash situation, sanitation and nutrition. Buy this book, you will not be sorry.
  • Adam Jones - Shatter Social Norms In The Church"So what is the difference between someone who willfully indulges in sexual pleasures while ignoring the Bible on moral purity and someone who willfully indulges in the selfish pursuit of more and more material possessions while ignoring the Bible on caring for the poor? The difference is that one involves a social taboo in the church and the other involves the social norm in the church." (p. 111)

    In Radical, David Platt spends 219 pages artfully making a case that American culture has redefined Christianity and begun to crumble the core of every Christian's call. He asserts that the social norm of our churches has replaced God's divine call to be radically different from the culture we find ourselves in. And after reading his words, it's incredibly difficult to look at the organization the Church has become without agreeing with him.

    While reading, I was struck by the momentum Platt continued to build throughout the work. In stark contrast with other authors, he appeared to save his absolute best stuff for the second half of the book. The first few chapters were great, but it was chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9 that blew me away.

    If you've ever questioned God's plan to save humanity or considered His stance on money or thought He might be calling you to a new phase in your life, Radical will be invaluable in your journey. It has become a must-read on my shelf!

    I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, in exchange for writing an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review.
  • David Hurwitz "DaveH" - FABULOUS CAMERA!I bought this camera expecting to be moderately pleased with it. Instead I am thrilled. It's small, easy to carry, and still pretty compact even with the 45-200 lens. It shoots fast and is highly configurable. For example, most people don't need the manual switch to change from LCD to EVF as the camera automatically changes screens when you put your eye to the EVF or take it away. I was able to change the manual switch to display autofocus tracking modes. Just about everything a serious photographer needs for on-the-fly changes is available with external buttons. I particularly like the intelligent auto mode which can be engaged by pushing a separate button, rather than by rotating the PASM dial. You can be in aperture priority mode, decide to shoot automatically, push the button, and when you're done, push it again and return to your aperture priority settings. Under or over-exposing photos can be done easily with the rocker switch (if you are using a manual zoom) or the rear dial while looking through the EVF. I set up the display to show a live histogram, something none of my SLRs can do. Photo quality is excellent: sharp, clear photos with good color and very low noise at isos 800 or below. High iso peformance in the 6400 to 12800 range doesn't match my Nikon D7000 but that's to be expected in a camera this size and price. This camera is a winner!