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  • R. Evans - Exceptional book - well writtenGreat book for anyone with a bad back. I have had a bad back for about 20 years with 2 herniated disks in my lower back and a fusion in my neck (between the 6th and 7th vertebrae). My neck now has spurs and herniation above and below the fusion. I have tried everything - chiropractor, physical therapy - acupuncture - pressure point message - yoga - stretching and strengthening. The yoga and stretching and strengthening to date have been the most useful - that is if I take the time to do it. So far I am 1/2 way through the book and highly recommend it - however it is like yoga and strengthing and stretching - it takes initiate, time and patience. The beauty of this technique is that you can actually improve your back while you are watching TV, sitting or laying. It touches on the whole spine. So, I now include using this book with yoga and strengthening and stretching. Everything else is mostly a patch to get you through the pain vs improving the situation.
  • Dave - Freakin AwsomeThis Tablet rocks!! First off, I would like to start off this review by saying the quite vivid display is absolutely fantastic. Its Bright as heck and the colors just seem to pop out @ you. Next the 16gb of factory memory is nice but you can expand to 32gb, which is what i did before it even arrived @ my house. I downloaded the netflix app and it works flawlessly. Its overall appearance is slim sleek and sexy, Very easy to hold and to navigate. Set-up was quite easy and fast, it only took me 1/2 an hour till i was up and running. It also has a really cool remote feature that i set-up with ease. Over all I give this tablet 5 stars because its easy to use and has a really bright display, oh i need to mention the sound. The sound is pretty big for such a small device and can handle movies, music and sports. Get this you wont regret your decision one bit!! hope you found this review helpful.:)
  • Janice - Love this book!I have always loved all of Susan Branch's books. But this one is quite different. It is a wonderful travel journal with gorgeous illustrations.

    If you have ever been to England, dreamt of going to England, planning a trip or just want to be transported there whilst sitting on your sofa, then purchase this book. You will love it. Makes a great gift as well.
  • Elizabeth - So Much FunThis is our first Lego Advent Calendar and we are quite happy with it. I ordered back in the beginning of November and the anticipation of being able to open it was almost too much for my daughter. It arrived a little crunched on the corner, but I think that was during shipping, so we had to cut the play mat/flap off so it will lay flat. My daughter runs downstairs first thing to open the new day then runs back to show me what she made. Each day she changes the scene with each new item. I hope she still loves Legos next year so I can buy another one. This has been an excellent purchase, I was a little concerned about it being so costly, but to see how happy my daughter is makes it worth it. We are only a few days into December but I love watchinig her scene develop each day.