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  • - IF YOU ARE SERIOUS AND STICK WITH IT - IT WILL WORK!I was very skeptical when I first got this book - but as I began to read, it really started to make sense to me. I had thought that my diet was important but my doctor did not share this opinion. As I began reading this book, it all became very clear to me. The premise of cleansing the body from the inside out makes so much sense. Dr. Pagano gives you all the step by step information, including the fact that there will be a flare-up before it really starts to heal. It's not easy, but if you are determined, as I was, and really want it to succeed, stick with it. To help me do this, I also ordered his companion Cookbook, "Dr. John's Healing Psoriasis Cookbook . . . Plus! which is available ONLY through his website at, but it helps tremendously in making meals so you can stick to the plan. To all those who have written reviews, I've read them all and I am totally surprised at those who are critical - sure - you need to go to the bathroom, that's part of cleansing - that's how the toxins that we have allowed to build up inside of us come out, instead of through our skin.Thank you Dr. Pagano for helping all of us who suffer from this unsightly disease - you are an inspiration to all of us.
  • David Boles - Great Decision to buy this productWe were trying to decide what to do about a stereo system for our recently acquired 36 foot sailboat. We wanted the possibility of Sirius radio, mp3 etc but needed MARINE grade waterproof speakers for the cockpit, marine stereo , interior speakers and installation. Easy $ 1000 dollar project.
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  • Robert Devereaux - Astonishing in its depth, power, accessibilityI'm halfway through these six CDs, listening in the car on my short commute to work. I have all of her books and the other 2-CD set from soundstrue. Have also seen both TED talks. She is a gem and a font of raw and wonderful wisdom. I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from her words and her passion. Today I ordered an extra set for a dear friend far away. Magnificent!
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