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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • C Jolz - Great ResourcePerfect book for planning a trip to England. Includes a substantial section about London, so skip purchasinig the London edition if you are going to stay in the capitol and tour the countryside. Very helpful tactics and suggestions from the reliable Rick. Great buy, easy , informative read.
  • julie - bought refurbishedI wasn't sure if I want to buy a used or refurbished tablet period, but I'm so glad I did. First off I loved this tablet from playing around with it in a few store and I feel it's equal to if not better than any iPad or kindle. They Tab is perfect for my mom and she can barely use a computer. She surface the web, watches movies, and listens to her favorites songs. Her keyboard and screen are very responsive and a good size. This was a really great buy and I have no regrets.
  • Philip Henderson - Zeitoun, American HeroZeitoun is a real American hero. He represents the best America has to offer yet his country of origin is Syria. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful man to choose America as his new home. Read this book and you will agree with me. Zeitoun is a real hero. We will hear much more from this man and his family in New Orleans.

    This book is about what Zeitoun did to help his adopted homeland during the flooding after Hurricane Katrina. Many people owe their lives to Zeitoun's generosity and courage. Thank you.
  • Dottie - Loved the Voyager (OutlanderI spent time in Scotland this summer, which made me want to read novels with Scotland as a setting. The Voyager(Outlander) fit that need. This book and the series that follows was recommended to me by one of my tennis partners. In the process I have learned that others in my group have read the series and loved it as well.
    I will be reading the rest of the Outlander series.
  • Robert Lavigne "RLavigne42" - Content is Free. Context is where the Value is!We live in a world overwhelmed by content. Fueled by the call to action that Content is King, the masses have flooded an already bursting internet with an exponential growth in data. The decreased signal to noise ratio of most social networks have almost crippled the effectiveness of these related platforms. In an era that will be driven by Big Data, the demand for relevance will determine whether content will be ruled by us or us by it. The decreased attention span of the netizens inhabiting this planet demands that we shift our focus from content to context.

    Back in 2010, Robert Lavigne was quoted as staying "Content is Free. Context is where the Value is!" In 2013, this statement is clearly been proven to be true. The convergence of Mobile, Social Media, Data, Sensors, and Location are the foundation of the Age of Context. Shel and Robert delve into each of these components and elaborate on how much has changed since Content was King.

    The ability to manage the convergence of content and context will determine whether a platform is a time-suck or a value-add. The ability to ensure that real time value is provided on the devices we purchase will determine whether they are a want or a need. Context is the primary driver in consumer conversions in the land of commerce. Those who tackle this new reality will be those who will look back in 2038 and realize that 2013 was the year where the Age of Context was not only published, but became reality.