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  • Laura Longcore - It really worksThe book is very interesting and the diet really works. I have enjoyed the variety of the 3 phases. Most importantly its a plan that has you eating healthier and an approach where you don't feel deprived. It does take awhile to figure out what food is on each phase - but one you get it down it's easy and it works!
  • John A Lee III "jal3" - A Pastoral RetreatI had heard of these books. I am a pastor and could not help but hearing of them. I had no interest in actually reading one, though. This one was given to me as a gift by a friend. I almost had to read it. I am so glad I did.

    There is not much story. The book describes the exploits of Fr. Tim, an Episcopal rector in a rural southern town. Fr. Tim is getting up in years but he faithfully stumbles along from crisis to crisis in his parish life, solving each problem with a mixture of common sense, prayer and concern for those involved. The results are good for everyone except the good father. He fails to take care of himself until he is forced to do so.

    When I am not reading academic works or preparing for a sermon, I like exciting things. This includes military fiction, science fiction and real history. I have too little time to "waste" on things that do not seem as if the will be of use either pastorally or because of personal interest. I did not think this book would hold my interest. I was wrong.

    Karon describes the vagaries of small town life and of clerical life but does so in a refreshing way that is peaceful and restful. This is true even when issues such as a heart transplant, drug dealers, jewel thievery and dog-nappers are concerned. Reading this book did not accomplish a great deal for me except that it did do this: it gave me a pleasant rest. It amused and refreshed. It was pastorally needed in my life. I only hope I serve my congregation as well as Fr. Tim serves his. I look forward to the subsequent books.
  • Genevieve T. Francisco - J. RANDY TARABORRELLI'S MICHAEL JACKSON...THE MAGIC, THE MADNESS, THE WHOLE STORY...For the countless number of books written about Micheal Jackson, those so-called Michael Jackson stories, narratives, yarns, accounts, this book in my assessment, takes the cake. It introduces the reader to an, as-honest-as-you-can-get, working knowledge of our subject, Michael Jackson. Written by Mr Taraborelli, who in the early years, had been privy to the hectic, working lifestyle of MJ, has masterfully imbued his readers with an account of life in Jackson's fast-lane from his point of view. It's certainly a testament to his knowledge of Michael Jackson, garnered through perception, although could be miscontrued, gives a lively account of who MJ is/was. This publication in my summation is one worth reading. Kudos to JRT. If nothing else is said of this's a wonderful telltale, the "Bible" I call it, according to J. Randy Taraborrelli on Micheal Jackson. An entertaing read, filled with humor at times, you'll laugh out loud; it humanizes MJ, a person with principle, someone with his heart in the right place and of course, it shows him as a human who errs; it offers discovery, recovery and gives serious insight on our man in the mirror. This novel will certainly keep you engaged.
  • Dwayne Lynch "DWINC" - This is by FAR Sony's Best Console to dateThe PS4 is a great console and in my opinion is the console to lead us into the next generation.
    The new UI is intuitive and fast, and the social aspects of the console are brilliant. The ability to share and live stream your games or awesome game play moments via Twitch, Facebook and other social sites is a great step in the right direction.
    I was also impressed with the console's ability to resume games right where you left off.
    So far the games are good, great in the graphics department. I am really excited to see what the future would bring (new Uncharted).
    Another great aspect of the PS4 is the new Dualshock 4. This could be the best controller ever- it fits in your hand like no other controller before it (you are going to just have to use one and you would understand).
    Overall I was really blown away by this device and I am really glad this was my console choice going forward in this New Generation of Gaming.