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  • Angela Kawamae - Good for small earsI just received this headset the other day, and I really like it. They fit great on my head and ears, everything sounds good, the mic works great, and they fit me perfectly. However, this headset is not for everyone. I'm a girl and I have small ears. You can tell just by looking at the headset that it's tiny. I'm not sure how anyone with an even slightly larger head and ears would be comfortable wearing this headset. I like it because I am used to having giant headsets that are way too big and uncomfortable on me, and I finally have a headset that's me-sized. So for me and for the price, I am very happy with my purchase.
  • M. Snyder "ElectronGeek" - Works great !I bought this to pair with my Asus TF700 tablet and it works flawlessly! No problems no issues. I inserted the micro sd class 10 and the tablet recognized the chip in no time $25
  • Dan Machleid - You proabably already know what's in the book......If you're a Sam Harris fan, or a follower of his speaking engagements or debates, you've heard his position on the issue.

    This book is a full, rich exploration of the application of scientific practices to the topic of human well being.

    It takes as axioms that people are physical, and that the morality of actions is a factor of how those actions effect people.

    If you're a dualist or a theist, this book will seem hopelessly misguided to you. But then, of course, you're operating from different (and actually wrong) axioms, so there you are.