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  • star wars mom - best advent calendar everMy son, a diehard Star Wars fan, loves this advent calendar. Each day he cannot wait to open up his new Lego surprise. There are many characters that he has always wanted but couldn't get any other way. He is so excited to see what's next in each individual compartment. Instead of useless candy, this is a gift he can actually play with and enjoy!
  • Phil Philson - Great value, highly effectiveI am a profuse back sweater who dealt for years with back acne. After trying Accutane and other dermatologist prescriptions, I realized I simply needed to stop the source of my clogged pores - sweat.

    With SweatBlock, my back was clear in a week. My back was completely dry, even in 100 degree temperatures.

    Because of the cost, I decided to experiment with Certain Dri, realizing the ingredients were basically the same. These products are not the same. Certain Dri just doesn't compare. It helped some, but I kept sweating and some of the acne came back. I highly recommend sticking with SweatBlock and considering it an "investment."