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  • Joel Cruz - One reads this book and one can only say, "Palin!"Finally! At long last someone has said what has needed to be said. One brave soul has trumpeted it from the rooftops. Forget about the Iraq War with their hundreds of thousands of innocents dead. Remove your mind from worrisome drone strikes hitting children and families in Afghanistan. Our returning soldiers--battered, maimed, wounded in every human way possible, and now, most likely jobless, could not have returned from a more glorious conflict than the War on Christmas. This annual melee, swift on the heels of the Satanic orgy of demon-worship and candy corn that is Halloween, should be front and center on the radar of every God-loving, red-blooded American. While women line up for their holiday abortions and those godless gays don their stylish gay apparel, Mrs. Palin has reminded us that the fight for Christmas is the fight for our very souls. As the Pilgrims exchanged gifts with the Indians, as Paul Revere rode up and down that night to warn us of the British plans to take our guns and Christmas trees, and as Ronald Reagan reminded the Soviets when he said, "Mr. Gorbachev, it's 'Merry Christmas!", so we must take a stand against the liberazis who intend to topple the entire edifice of Western Civilization through their insistence on wishing one and all a "Happy Holiday." Being a Christian nation, the celebration of the Divine Child born in Bethlehem that cold, snowy night is the cornerstone of our republic and our society--certainly not the anti-family liberal aggrandizement of unwed teenage mothers or families with two dads. In concise, two-syllable words and plenty of illustrations, Mrs. Palin calls us to battle, Constitution in hand, Bible in the other, and the Declaration of Independence in the other against the forces that would steal our Christmases and in doing so, return to the greater, snow-white America that we love. Mrs. Palin, I doff my tri-cornered hat to you and humbly lay my godless degrees in Bible, history, and theology at your Alaskan feet!
  • Dr. Bell - Invaluable Drug Guide for NursesAs a nurse, I can't keep up with every new drug or all of the side effects or interactions. There are a lot of drug books for nurses but this one is (a) easy to navigate, whether you have the drug's scientific name, commercial name or just the category of drug it falls under, (b) concise, unlike a PDR, albeit with abbreviations, listed in the front, (c) truly small enough to fit into a pocket. So you have it at the medcart, bedside, everywhere. This is especially handy if you work for an institution that forbids cell phones and personal electronics, so you can't consult a downloaded or online source.