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  • C. Reese - These Pens Saved My RelationshipMy girlfriend has always had issue remembering little details on the long and arduous journey from the bedroom to the kitchen. It's been a terrible strain on our relationship for quite some time. These pens have been an absolute godsend! With her newfound ability to write things down, she never again has to incur my wrath by asking what I want on my sandwich a second time! We couldn't be happier with this product and what it's done for us as a couple! Thank you, BIC!
  • R. J. Carpenter - Is the Past Worth Remembering?Want to read a story with evil stepmothers, power-hungry corporate executives out to make money however they can, and families that need re-united? KISS might just fit the bill.

    Its main character, Shauna McAllister, is dealing with issues of abandonment by her father, who is currently running for president. She makes plans to confront him, not about their past but about his future, and ends up being in a car accident, in a coma for six weeks, and unable to remember the last six months of her life.

    Shauna can't defend herself against accusations that she caused the accident, an accident that left her beloved brother brain-damaged. She doesn't think she was a drug user, but with no memory, how is she to combat the charges that Ecstasy was the reason for the accident, especially since some was found both in her home and in her car? You'd think her long-time boyfriend would be some help, but that's not exactly the case.

    And her father? Shauna's father is the owner of a major pharmaceutical company, and it appears that her recovery is due to his enrolling her in a drug trial. That's where his support ends, and it isn't long before she discovers that the drugs that are supposed to help her regain her memory are really no help at all. In her search to prove her innocence, Shauna discovers a lot about herself and the people who surround her.

    This book is one of those that you can't put down. Shauna has had many obstacles to overcome. When her mother died giving birth to her brother, her father embraced the baby, his son, not the daughter he already had. When he remarried, his wife was abusive toward Shauna, and when she told her father, he took his wife's side, not his daughter's. Surely she didn't need to add memory loss to her list!

    Shauna's estrangement from her father has caused her to be estranged from other people and from God. KISS is the story of her journey back to fellowship both with God and with her father. It's a story well worth reading.