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  • Andy Pagliarulo "Andy P" - Passed my state inspection!My check Engine light was on for my 4Runner along with some other error lights. Had a service station run a scan to tell me what was wrong. Turns out it was related to the catalytic converter. I heard about Cataclean and figured i would give it a try instead of spending $1000 to replace the converter. Though this isnt a permanent fix, (ive used three bottles) i was able to get the check engine light off and pass the state inspection. I also picked up Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for OBDII Vehicles which helped reset the codes. Though i wish the error lights wouldnt come back on after 500+ miles, it did save me a ton of money on repairs and it got me through the inspection. Very Happy.
  • - Food does Matter, The diet really helps!All westeren doctors say diet has no effect on colitis.They are WRONG. I listened for nine years to doctors say food doesn't matter to IBD. All the while horrible side effects from drugs started adding up and the drugs stopped working. Besides the book I found the SCD Website very helpful in using the diet "specific carbohydrate diet". In four months it has changed my life. It really does matter what goes into your gut. Don't get fooled by your doctor into thinking diet doesn't matter. Try SCD to heal. How could the The food you eat not make a difference while your healing? Mrs. Gotshall has found the correct food to heal the IBD Gut.