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  • matthew - The best Visual Studio yetI have used a lot of IDEs over the last 10 years. I have to say that Visual Studio has always been one of the best to use.

    I will give some background to help with this review. I have been using Visual Studio since VS 2005 and have used every version since. I am a .Net developer and focus on C#. I have over 6 years experience with this line.

    This is by far the best Visual Studios I have used. One of the things that Microsoft focused on in this version was usability. They redesigned the entire UI and threaded most of it. It runs so much faster. It does take a little getting used to after using previous versions, but I am able to find things so much easier now. There is also a change where most things no longer launch a blocking window for every option. This has all been moved to the sidebars.

    There has also been a lot of work done with the Solutions Explorer. This is a very welcome change. They have moved the object explorer functionality to the Solution Explorer. You can now open a tree view under a class file and see all properties, methods and other information about the class without having to open the file. This is very nice if you can't remember names and don't want to bounce back and forth between files. You can also open multiple solution explorers in other windows without having to relaunch Visual Studio.

    Testing has also been improved. Visual Studio 2010 really had some nice unit testing features. Visual Studio 2012 has added support for external testing frameworks. They have also improved the experience with the MSTest framework built into the application. Everything has been moved to a sidebar and easily accessible. There is also a very nice code coverage feature that will color code your source. Another nice feature is the datasource features available. You can store information needed for tests in either a database or xml file accessible by the test framework. This allows you to easily store one or more inputs for a test and expected outputs.

    There are so many other tools that go along with this release that I can't possibly get into them. I have talked about the features that I use most, but there is so much more to it. Team Foundation Server integration (there is also now a cloud solution for this), code analytics tools, etc.
  • Kay Stence - I Didn't Believe It Would Work Until I Tried It!My husband, with Crohn's Disease, was told by his doctor that food had absolutely nothing to do with his illness or his recuperation. We proved him dead wrong! The SCDiet has led to "health miracles" for six of my immediate family members: Me (Celiac Disease, FMS, Severe Allergies, Asthma), my husband (Crohn's), my 83 year old mother (Diverticulitis, Hiatal Hernia, Bleeding Ulcer, Arthritis), my two brothers (IBS & Celiac), and a son (Celiac). Each of us have no symptoms left and have been able to eliminate all drugs pertaining to each of these illnesses and also reduce blood pressure meds. We were each overweight and have easily lost to within about 10 pounds of our desired weight; three of us losing over 50 pounds each. We feel better, have more energy, and look better than we have in years! We find that it takes less food to satisfy and sustain us when we eat whole, natural foods . . . we have broken the cycle of overeating and binging. The SCD has been a God-send for us all! Please visit austinscdfriends.com to learn how we did it.
  • Emmanuella - Brilliant!A genuine page-turner that's fascinating & scary at the same time, with very little 'rambling on' that would detract one from the main story. I equally appreciate the breathtaking descriptions of historical sights in both Venice & Istanbul. It would be interesting to see Inferno on screen. I look forward to that.
  • Kathleen Allen-greim "curiouser" - Significantly reduced painful bloatingI was having severe abdominal bloating which was very painful and worrisome--it was a new experience for me. A gastroenterolgist suggested I take this for 3-4 months. He suspected a powerful antiobiotic I took several months prior may have stripped my intestines of important bacteria.

    Buying Align online was far cheaper ($28.99 vs $35)than at a local store. I've been on it for two months. I noticed an improvement within the first 7-10 days. I rarely have the bloating now. I'll find out at my follow-up doctor appointment how long I should continue to take it. I may be afraid to stop! Align certainly seemed to work for me.