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  • FilmGirl - Great guidanceThis book gives such great guidance on not only how to get out a meet men, but what to do once you get the guy and finally how to keep the guy. I realized that I have to stop the waiting game and get out there and make things happen if I am to meet someone of value and the more I meet, the more likely I have better options to pick and choose who I want to be with. It also teaches you a valuable lesson on how to LIVE your life before, during and after you get the guy. I would highly recommend this book to anyone my friends.
  • MICHELLE SMITH - Great way of livingI bought this book to get to loose weight. It has helped so much more. I have lost 15 lbs and still loosing. My husband had a daily cough that numerous doctors could not help. Buy changing our way of eating it has almost totally gone away. He used to have 10-12 cough drops a day. Now he goes with days without having not even one. It is quite some work for the first 20 days, but then it starts to become 2nd nature to the way we eat. It is really worth trying.
  • Anonymous - Living as Form is a must-readLiving as Form is a great resource for anyone who wants to know more about the history of socially engaged art. With contributions from art world giants like Claire Bishop and Maria Lind along with essays by Creative Time Director, Anne Pasternak and Chief Curator, Nato Thompson, the book covers a huge range of iconic projects and gives critical insight into the field. Whether you saw Creative Time's landmark exhibition, Living as Form, last fall and want to know more about the artists and their practice or you weren't able to make it and are curious to see the work for the first time, this book is informative and engaging. A lot of the photo documentation in the book is difficult to find elsewhere and it's amazing to see images from such a huge range of projects. I highly recommend checking it out.
  • Stephanie Li - Great Case!It's a great case, and it's exactly the color I'm looking for. I like that it has a rubbery feel because I'm not a huge fan of laptop cases that feel like cheap, hard plastic. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this case. I've purchased the GMYLE Robin Blue case before too, and I was also very satisfied with that case. This one is a little more see through than the Robin Blue case though.