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  • Toni Vines - BreathtakingI thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was horrifying what they expected of young people and it is very dark to even think that something like this could happen. That is the hardest thing about this story, the total disconnection of real life and the Games. I gave this rating because it was well written and pulled me in right away and made me care about the main characters.
  • Richard of Danbury "Richard of Danbury" - Answers the Question: What's Up Doc!This is truly an invaluable resource for not only backcountry medical emergencies but also handy for the family medicine chest. It is a guide to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness from simple to complex. This should be part of any family emergency kit.
  • R. Chome - Ansel Adams 2012 Wall CalendarI am so-o-o-o glad I have this calendar. The blocks are a perfect size to write reminders into, and the black and white photographs are beautiful. I had purchased the A.A. calendars for years, but was unable to find one last year...decided that NOW is the time to buy so that they are not sold out at stores.
  • Tiffany Hughes - Orgasmically wonderful!!Wow, the feel of this long slender rod in my hand is amazing. I never thought I would feel so invigorated when I am writing checks to pay my bills!! The thought of my bank account being depleted instantly goes away with every swish, swirl and hard dot and is replaced with automatic satisfaction!! My hand is ultimatley pleasured with these super ball pens, just so and I am right handed becuase my left hand is insanely jealous when I start to work with one of these babies;)
  • mark rijntjes - a new challengeThis book is far from just a war story.maybe a little far fetched but certainly a scenario that might already be played out,China was is and will be the one large owner of the world armies,resources and indeed 20 %of population.their worries Ito over populations and related problems are , will be the determining factor of having this book's scenarios played out .........hopefully never , but still one day.EU and Africa are portrayed however as very weak which I believe is not entirely true alas it is a book to enjoy......and perhaps pondered ?