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  • Spahrticus - Great value and fine performanceWhen I used to play tournament golf as a junior, I played nothing but ProV1 and other multi-layer urethane covered balls. For competition it seemed foolish to give anything up. These days I play for recreation and don't want to pay $5-7 per ball for that. I tried looking around for a value-priced ball that would deliver similar characteristics (fairly long, but spin oriented and soft) to the balls I used to play.

    These e5s fly very well. Off my driver they take a medium trajectory and run out rather than stopping short, even on uphill landing areas. Off long irons they fly fairly high and run out a bit on landing. Mid irons tend to land soft and stop with one bounce. Short irons and wedges stop or spin back a touch. Off my putter they are soft and predictable.

    The area where I see the biggest difference between the multi-layer tour-grade balls is on partial wedge shots. When I am hitting a flop or a high pitch with a wedge, they run out a bit more than a ProV1 would. They do check up much better than a cheap distance ball would. For the savings over the tour-grade balls, though, I am willing to adjust my landing areas on partial wedges.

    For anyone looking for a value-alternative to a ProV1 or the like, these seem like a great choice. I don't suspect I would want to play them in a tournament, but I'd have no problem playing them in an outing or a practice round.
  • Ministerdave - Clear and to the point. Great information and an easy readI read this book through without setting it down. It is written clearly, giving the reader a full understanding of today's medical and pharmaceutical empires. It will make you mad, glad and happy that you bought the book. This information is important for everyone to know and have.
  • D. Mckinzie - The product of a truly gifted writerWhat can you say about any book in the Mitford series that hasn't already been said? Jan Karon never fails to amaze me. She has the ability to take a "religious subject" and turn it into a great read for anyone, whether they are Christian or not. And you learn to love all her characters and feel like you know them. I've often liked, or even loved, one character in a book and maybe even most of the characters, but never before have I felt that I love the whole book (and thus the whole town) -- even the unloveable -- and also know them all personally. These books all have an almost "Lake Woebegone" feeling to them, and yet they are not copycats of anyone's work. Dive into Mitford; you'll love Father Tim and his town!