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  • Jenny Smith - I love it!I love this and agree with the person who encourages people to read the instructions. It does stop if you use too much presure, which is good, because otherwise it might remve the surface of your skin. If you use it gently it will gently remove all callouses and leave your feel lovely and smooth, when moisturised after use. I can't believe how good it is.
    Think the problem is the advert makes it look quicker than it is. It did take me a while to get the bateries in, but worth perserering with.
  • Loyd E. Eskildson "Pragmatist" - Interesting, but A Bit Short on StrategyThe title of this interesting book that greatly benefits from access to insiders refers to Romney supporters doubling down their financial support after Obama's disastrous first debate in Denver, along with Romney himself doubling down with his right-wing ideological statements and credibility. (The latter via picking Paul Ryan as V.P. partner.) Some say this metaphor could also refer to the authors' doubling down on their prior 'Game Change' about the 2008 first Obama campaign.

    Obama had been hounded as a 'socialist' from the beginning, despite modeling his cap-and-trade climate change policy on that of Bush '41, an auto rescue program more market-minded than the one Bush '43 proposed, agreeing to extending the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich (in exchange for an extension of unemployment insurance, a payroll tax holiday, etc. totaling $238 billion), his refusal to nationalize the banks when even Alan Greenspan said he should, and his not pushing for a single-payer health-care law - even though the idea originated at the Heritage Foundation and had been implemented in Massachusetts by Romney. And until recently, the 'birther controversy had raged on and on, led by potential Republican candidate Donald Trump.

    Obama had also moved to tone down the contentiousness within his circle of advisors, pushing out David Axelrod (media strategist, manager of his 2004 Senate race), Robert Gibbs (communications chief), and seemingly benefitting from Rahm Emmanuel's departure for Chicago. Yet, it was obvious after Denver that Obama was doubting himself and headed for disaster - despite his prior excellent speaking successes.

    Readers learn Obama liked Bill Clinton - in small doses, disliked 'professional blacks' (including Charlie Rangel and Jesse Jackson Jr.) as much as Tea Partiers, and that Jon Huntsman Sr. (father of one of Romney's early GOP rivals) was the source of Harry Reid's accusation that Romney had not paid any taxes in 10 years. From the other side, Romney - not surprisingly looked with disdain Gov. Christie's spending time with Obama touring post-Sandy Jersey coastline; this not only boosted Obama as working across-the-aisle but kept Romney out of the headlines as well. (Payback for Romney's refusal to pick Christie as V.P. candidate?) Others - advisor Stuart Stevens vomiting backstage after Eastwood's vapid debate with the empty chair at the Republican convention, Rick Perry's debate gaffe was the result of medication for painful back problems, and the bulk of the book's material.
  • Thomas Filloramo - A book for all seasons and reasons.Well documented and written. A true treasure of fact that acculatly documents the huge following, impact, and influence Jesus had in his time. Wether you believe or not in GOd made man, you will be astounded by reading about the life and times of the most revered and known of man who ever lived.
  • Mr. Charlie Lye "charlie2k03" - Enough of the jokes...Most of the comments here seem to be making fun of the fact this cables a bit pricey. Basically, as with all high end equipment, there is a lot of jealousy from people that can't afford it.

    I am a genuine reviewer of this cable, I purchased one new direct from Denon, and there is no doubt in my mind that this is a higher quality cable that offers real returns. The sound is far richer, the stage is larger, each note comes through perfectly. There is a lot of electrical equipment near where I installed this cable and previously I could pick up on distortion, but with this cable it's just pure, pure pure. Some people have made comments about it being digital and therefore no distortion being possible, but hello!? You can distort the 1's and 0's so that a 1 might become a 0 or a 0 might become a 2 or whatever. Of course the signal can be distorted, and distance makes a huge difference as well which this cable solves by being quite short and shielded with thick fabric stuff.
    Don't believe the haters. They are just poor people that also don't believe in bi-wiring with high quality speaker cable, or burn in for CD players, or don't think the true analog nature of vinyl or tube amps produces a far more accurate signal than digital, or that conditioning your power supply before it enters any of audio/video equipment is worthless.

    Sometimes I think the world is deaf and blind. 5 stars for a top of the line cable.
  • Denise Hreha - Norton 360 2013 PremierI love this software. I've never actually purchased antivirus software before. I've downloaded only the free versions. But this is so comprehensive and all-inclusive, it really does all the work for you. I just bought a new laptop and bought this software to keep it running fast and now I don't have to worry about any viruses.