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  • Larry - Superb historical novel is a slow but rewarding readAnne Boleyn cannot give Henry VIII a son. This fact forces Thomas Cromwell to set into motion the events of this superb historical novel. The story is well known to many but it is the details that set this novel apart. How exactly Cromwell transports the Queen from her haughty perch to the executioner's ax makes for a transfixing reading experience.
    Hilary Mantel makes the correct decision to keep the dialogue current. Other historical fictional writers, for the sake of authenticity, attempt to write dialogue using the old language and slang. Nothing is more distracting to a reader. Using modern language keeps the characters fresh and so real to the reader- individuals the reader can identify with. Yet, this is a very dense novel and slow going. Things progress slowly. To witness Cromwell working the system to get the desired results at any cost is truly fascinating and informative to those of us not completely familiar with English history. The writing is superb and the story breathes with realism. An excellent Booker contender.
  • PamL - Align helps IBSI have been taking Align for just about a month. I have suffered from severe IBS symptoms most of my life. I also have interstitial cystitis and must take several drugs each day that cause constipation. I tried everything my Drs recommended to alleviate the severe constipation and then the overwhelming diarrhea. I finally went to a Naturopathic Dr. He suggested probiotics and in particular Align. Within 3 days I knew it was working. I have never been more regular and I feel so much better knowing that I can have confidence that my body is not going to trap me in the bathroom for hours each day struggling with symptoms and frustration. I have recommended Align to other family members that suffer from IBS and they are also reporting increased wellbeing.