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  • Samuel-Louis Bandy, Jr. - Exciting reading on a rainy or cold night.Okay, it really is a bit boring, but I enjoy how Lasser puts out examples to help the reader to better understand the tax code areas and to show how to calculate the items. I also enjoy how Lasser puts out sample forms in the book so that the reader may follow along with the text, line by line on the form, and how he also explains when one can implement various tax breaks and when one may not. It is technical, but written to be understood by a non-accounting person of average intelligence. Great book.
  • Jan Klier - Cool gadget - one caveatThis is one of these more useful kitchen gadgets. Every time I need fresh herbs for a recipe, I end up buying one of those expensive packs, use one or two twigs, and end up tossing the rest, and everytime it irks me. So this looks like it solves that problem, and do so without becoming this huge time sink that a full-blown herb garden would do.

    One can argue that for $149 for the unit, and $20 for extra seed kits, I can buy a lot of herb packs at the grocery store before breaking even. True, but it makes it less painful to use fresh herbs or garnish your dish with a single salad leaf.

    The one caveat I would put on it: you can't really mix and match the seed kits. The settings on the unit, and the nutrient tablets are optimized for each seed type. First I thought, I'd use 2-3 salad pods, a few of the herbs, some basil, and then some fresh tomatoes in the two units I bought. Well, that doesn't work (or at least I don't know what the results would be - but it's clear from the package that the nutrient tablets have different ingredients, and the water pump runs all the time for salad, when it only cycles on/off for other seeds). So I'd have to get 4 of those - that's a lot of money and a lot of space in the kitchen. So I guess I'll sequence which seeds I grow every 6 months and stay with 2.

    The base unit always comes with the salad green seeds. Looks like they're the ones sprouting the fastes (within 2-3 days) - they must be hedging their bet against impatient and skeptical customers.
  • Carolyn M. Kenney - Great Addition to My CAD LibraryI love this addition and was sorry to hear that there will not be a 2014 addition. Each year AutoCAD had new features that Ellen Finkelstein clarifies in each edition. I will treasure this edition because of the information covered that is so helpful. The 2005 and 2006 editions got me through CAD online courses. I have been a follower of hers ever since. The 2013 edition helped me get a better handle on "Customizing the Ribbons and Menus." I planned to use a floor plan for the cover of my next book done in AutoCAD 2013. I have used this book to assist me in getting the drawings set-up for my cover. I also plan to acknowledged this book as a source for the cover artwork.

    I suggest beginners, intermediate and experts buy this book. Even if you don't want to have it on your shelf, get it on Kindle.
  • M. Bell - Works great!I have a Kindle Fire and think this will totally replace it, plus. I especially like the fact I can listen to my audio books, search the web and use it for my email. It doesn't replace my laptop as it's keyboard is much more awkward, but I expected that. I would totally recomment it to someone who just wants a good tablet without spending big dollars.