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  • Christine M Burlingame - True inspirationThis is a story of such strength. What an amazing young women. I picked the book up and didn't stop till I was through it. I am so sorry for all she went through. We are made better when the refiners fire touches our lives and she has come through it all gleaming and beautiful. Bless you Elizabeth.
  • - ...Excellent book for people traveling to relatively undeveloped countries to help people there. Not the best book for do it yourself medicine unless you will be very far out in the wilderness and have almost no previous nowledge. This books deals with things like basic hygiene, and how to avoid cavities by not eating sugar and instead eating a balanced diet. It can be used by someone who is semi-literate in English.
  • sh "sh" - still the bestIf you need help, you can get help on the kaspersky forums, although some of the moderators can be rather impatient and snotty. But most folks can install and forget about the program, letting it do its thing on its own.

    Like most security programs these days, the basic functions were worked out years ago and to compete lots of features are added that might not be of much use. As one moderator said of some Kaspersky add-ons

    The bottom line is this:
    -URL Advisor adds nothing to your protection. Bad websites will be blocked regardless of plugin, "green" sites aren't necessarily clean either (design limitation of such feature)
    -Anti-banner plugin only provides an easier way of adding banners to KIS blacklist via right click in FF. Banners will be blocked regardless of plugin
    -Virtual keyboard is useful only when your system is infected. Since the main protection features are working regardless of plugins, there's little chance of you actually getting infected and needing VK."

    Kaspersky antivirus engine is good enough that other antivirus/security software vendors often license the Kaspersky engine for their product.
  • Jason - Easiest tax software = huge returnI've used this product every year for several years now. It makes tax preparation so simple. It guides you through each step by asking simple questions and has help buttons you can click throughout the process if you have questions. It was so easy to use. Once I had all my tax information available, I prepared my own taxes in just over an hour. I also love that they have audit support and guarantee the largest return. Very happy with H&R block - saves me from having to hire an accountant!
  • Andy Kirk - Excellent addition to the visualisation libraryVisualize This is a significant and valuable addition to the library of visualisation titles. The tutorials in this book provide an accessible and helpful introduction to the spectrum of data visualisation challenges we find ourselves facing, offering a wide variety of fully explained programming language solutions. Once you've conquered these, feel comfortable with the coding syntax and structures, and are ready to move on, you can then explore other texts to dive deeper into each environment. Along with an informative series of introductory chapters setting the scene for the visualisation field, this book provides a great starting point from which to commence your own learning process into enhancing your design capabilities.

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