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  • Michael L. Cave - Mugged is a must readIf you are a liberal of believe everything you hear in the main stream news, don't read this book, your brain will explode. I have read several of Ann Coulter's books, and she does here homework with proof of what she is saying. This book however is so revealing of what the main stream Medea portrays that it is shocking. I am only able to read one chapter at a time, as I get so upset with the lies that we are told, that I just set the book down. If it were not for Ann's back-up in depth research, I would have thought that it was fiction. This book is a definite must read, eye opening book.
  • Virginia Hale - Great energy!I researched before I purchased this. This product doesnt have any fillers, etc. It gives you energy. I've only lost 3 pounds so far, but I feel really good. I did try another product recommended by the salesman at GNC and it didn't do anything. It even made me feel worse. I'm on depression medications and have hypoglycemia, so I have to be careful. Just ordered my second bottle.
  • Neal Campbell - Loved this optimistic view of the future!I don't read and watch everything Robert Scoble produces. That would be a full-time job. I pay attention to a lot of what he does because he's in love with the future and how technology makes life better and better. I thought I paid attention to Scoble enough that I knew what 'Age of Context' would be about. I was totally wrong.

    'Age of Context' is first and for most a business book. If you own a business, want to start a business, manage a business, or have influence in a business, this book will inspire ideas. It is an inspirational book about things companies can start doing now to make what they do as personally relevant to customers as possible using current and future technology.

    When I finished reading the book, I was excited and optimistic about the future. When I closed my Kindle App, I immediately started brainstorming ideas about how to make what I do more relevant to my customers. I didn't expect 'Age of Context' to be a motivational book, but it ended up being one of the most positive, motivational books I've ever read.
  • Nicole - All you need to travel is this book!I have used Rick Steves' books in Italy and in France, and cannot recommend them highly enough. He breaks down what you should see based on the amount of time you have to spend, the best ways to avoid huge crowds, how to get things like museum passes and train tickets ahead of time to avoid long lines and higher fees, and provides his own do-it-yourself tours so that you don't have to pay through the nose for tour guides abroad.

    The level of valuable information and detail found in this book about anywhere you would ever want to go in France (including an outstanding section on Paris, no need to buy the Paris book separately) is priceless and makes you a much more prepared traveler. The cost of the book is nothing compared to the money saved by the tricks of the trade he provides and the time saved waiting in lines.

    If you're going to France, you NEED this book!