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  • Jimmy - Excellent GameThis game is awesome. I have spent several hours on it and enjoy every bit of it.

    I was a big fan of the previous versions of SimCity as well years ago. This version is different in good ways, and permits co-operative play with a perfect balance: not forcing co-operation, but permitting a lot of co-operative capabilities when you do have a friend you want to play with. The simulation details are finer in this version. For example, it tracks each individual person's movements (traffic) and daily job routine, which adds to the realism of managing and planning a city.

    Many people have given vocal negative reviews of this new SimCity version based on two major points: 1. server issues during first week or two (which are mostly resolved now), and 2. this new game requires connectivity to play regardless of whether you are playing by yourself.

    My advice: if you want to play by yourself and are offended by the design of the game requiring online play, then try the previous version: SimCity 4, which is still available from EA or through Steam. That was an EXCELLENT game also and very satisfying, even by today's standards. This new version is designed in the typical paradigm of all other MMOs and many other modern games, requiring a connection, and relying on the developer to maintain the game during its playable lifetime. EA is not Blizzard; but nonetheless you won't hear Warcraft players complaining about their MMO requiring a connection to play, even though you can technically progress through a good bit of Warcraft by playing solo...

    I have not encountered any server issues since I started playing a week after the release. I have a lot of experience playing MMOs years ago, and it is typical that a few patches will roll out in the first weeks to address bugs or kinks or adjustments to gameplay. So far I have noticed a couple of these already rolled out and the improvements they make are good (fixing some traffic flow calculations, fixing rain events restoring ground water, etc.).

    This game deserves two thumbs up on its own. There are many people who wanted something so similar to the previous game design paradigm and desire to punish EA/Maxis for doing what every other gaming company has been doing lately with their game design model. I only hope that the vocal opposition doesn't cost the rest of us a loss of the entire game that would result if EA abandoned it due to the bad press. If you disagree with the new game design, it is your right to express that and also to (not) spend your dollars as you wish - I support that right and will argue in defense of such rights. But please be careful and respectful not to go too far and punish those of us that do want and love this new game by taking down the company that we are relying on and want to reward for this product.
  • Marisa Moritz - EXCELLENT REFERENCEI have used this pocket reference for years and though it does require some "reading" glasses for small print, I don't mind because the information in it is so good as to the latest guidelines for treatment of so many diseases. I love that it offers medication alternatives for those with drug allergies. It is small and compact and fits in my white coat pocket. I know am giving the proper treatment when I use this guide.
  • MickeyT "MickeyT" - Good resource for nursing studentsThis is one of the resources I used to help me pass my NCLEX exam the first time. Once you throw out all of the stuff that is meant just for Kaplan's nursing student program and take in the rest, you will find this little book is a wealth of information and preparation for passing the NCLEX exam.
  • Fritz - the WHOLE pictureThis review is not like others explaining how Pink Floyd is the greatest and all others must kneel before them (though they are my favorite band). Instead I bring up a point often overlooked in concern with the Wall. Many "fans" claim this album is decent, with only a few good songs and lots of filler, the problem is that that's not filler. The Wall, like many Floyd albums, is a concept album. the entire album tells a story, the story of an isolated, sad dejected boy who grows up to be a rock star, lives fast takes drugs (comfortably numb) and loses his wife (one of my turns, don't leave me now) and bulids a wall around himself to keep from being hurt or feeling emotions (hence the name, THE WALL) so, while many songs sound like filler try listening to the whole album at once and see if you can understand the subplot. or hey, if you really want to go see the movie they made about it ( aptly tiltled The Wall)
  • PHLXCISO - Great Attempt to Chronicle the Life of Jesus the Man Using Roman Records and the Four GospelsThis book is valuable for Christians and others as well because it never addresses the issue of Jesus as God. Instead it attempts to chronicle the 30 year life of this Jewish man born in Roman occupied Palestine from birth to Crucifixion. It does this using the detailed records the Romans kept of their property (which Jesus was) and taxes which he would be obligated to pay. In addition, ii uses the context of the ordinary Jews who only followed God's law and refused to accept Roman rule and the ruling Jews (the Pharisees) who were glad to cooperate with the Romans. These ordinary Jews believed that the end of the world had come and the promised Messiah was at hand so Jerusalem was literally crawling with Messiah claimants. However, the most informative part of this book is their use of the New Testament Gospels as a historical source to show how the story of Jesus' life is modified in these Gospels as time goes on to become the story of his life especially after the Romans destroy the Temple and the death of Jesus' brother James who headed the church in Jerusalem after his death and the ascension of Saul/Paul to leadership in Rome.