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  • Morgan - Can't Wait for the MovieI understand that Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinksi are teaming up to produce this movie. They've already announced Johnny Depp as 8373622, and Scarlett Johansson as 34637. There are rumors that 2398 will be played by Jennifer Lawrence, but there seems to be some doubt whether she can get away from filming Monkingjay in order to meet the film schedule. Other possibles for the role include Mila Kunis and Taylor Swift. It's also rumored that Bruckheimer has his eye on Chris Pine for the role of 42.

    The release date is slated for the summer of 2015. I can't wait!
  • Menthol Rum - Faster & cheaper than a visit to the doctor - with great results!I bought this elsewhere on an impulse, but thought I'd add my review here in hopes that it might be of some use to others.

    I have (had!) two moles that are on my face just at my beard line. One I often nicked while shaving and when I did, it would bleed terribly. I wanted it gone, but never did anything about it. Until recently. I do have my skin checked yearly and I know that I need to check my moles for asymmetry, border, color and diameter in between doctor visits.

    I know these two moles are safe to remove and I used Dermatend successfully on both of them.

    I followed the directions to the letter and then some. Maybe I was a little extreme, but I wanted to have the best outcome I could. I washed the area with warm water, used the emery board on the moles (one was raised and the other was flat) and then covered the area around with vaseline. The reason for the vaseline is to protect the good skin from the Dermatend, so be as accurate as you can be. I was as exact as I could have been, using a cotton swab to apply the vaseline and then the Dermatend. It stung a bit as it was supposed to and I put bandages on each of them. I changed the bandages 3 times a day and applied a bit of Neosporin each time I did. After the scab formed (about 24 hours) I cleaned the area with hydrogen peroxide and then applied the Neosporin every time. It took 5 days for one scab to fall off and 6 for the other. The moles were gone.

    Now, I still cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and used Neosporin for several days. The area was pink and I had a minor 'divot' in my skin that healed in quite well. I have to say that at times, I was worried, but all went well in the end. When the scab forms and the skin doesn't look it's best, it is easy to worry, but for me, keeping the area clean with hydrogen peroxide, covered with a bandage and using Neosporin everything turned out great. I understand that the moles could grow back, but so far so good. If they do, I'll repeat the process.

    Deramtend contains Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis), which will kill tissue. That is why it works and why you need to protect the area immediately around the treated area.

    For me, this product worked better than I had expected and it deserves its 5 star rating.

    July 2012 Edit: Over two years later, the moles are still gone, like they were never there. If I get any more, I'll repeat my process and expect the same results.
  • C. DeWald "Ashnrysaunt" - Disturbingly brillant!I compare reading Still Missing to coming up on a horrific traffic accident, not wanting to look, but you can't help yourself. There were parts of this book that I was afraid to read because I knew it would cause me to have uncomfortable emotions (fear, anxiety, anger, etc.) that I have never experienced before (to my knowledge) while reading a work of fiction. Annie O'Sullivan is one tough broad!! Struggling to cope with the terror, betrayal, and searching for the parts of herself that are Still Missing makes Annie real. I am a Psych nurse and have to commend Ms. Stevens for portraying Annie realistically. I have worked with patients who have survived similar traumas and railed against everyone and everything trying to come to terms with the loss of themselves. Read this book, but be cautioned that it goes for the center of your psyche, it will make you question your faith in humanity, and leave you thinking about it for a long time afterwards.