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  • DC from TX - Gilmour at his bestI bought this when it first came out in '77 and instantly fell under it's spell. I dont really have a 'favorite' Floyd album, but this is the one that probably had the most impact on me. Waters' lyrics are fabulous, dark and cynical, some of his best. Not a happy record, but still a great one. Very atmospheric and moody. But the best thing about this album is David Gilmour! His solos on "Dogs" are goosebump material, and the 'swine noises' he makes with his guitar through a talkbox on "Pigs", are the best use of that effect I've ever heard. Gilmour is one of the all time greats, he can say more with one note than a hundred other 'guitar heroes' say with twenty. And I'm pretty sure it's Dave who wrote and played the great bass part on "Pigs", as well. "Sheep" is the weakest track, but it has some stunning vocal effects, and a cool keyboard intro. I've owned this album on 8-track, vinyl, and now CD, and I still love it. If you are a Floyd fan you must have this. If your not a Floyd fan, please dont buy it. I'm sure you'll hate it.
  • LB "lorie" - AmazingThis product is amazing. It grows edible gardens with minimum care and absolutely no soil. I planted my salad greens garden on Dec. 4. Within 2-3 days the seeds begin to sprout; in exactly 26 days I was eating salad grown on my kitchen counter. The only "gardening" I have had to do was add nutrient tablets a couple of times, add water (twice a week since the plants have matured)and raise and lower the lamp as needed. Setting this up was as simple as popping in two light bulbs, attaching a lamp shade, filling a bowl with water and dropping pre-planted seeds into holes. My kindergarten age kids are just as excited as I. My 5 year old niece exclaimed on her last visit, "Wow! That plant is really getting big!" I harvest about 2 salads every other day and pick lettuce for sandwiches daily. All you need for sucess is to follow the directions that come with the garden. I highly recommend this product. I have already given it as a gift, and I am considering buying another so that I have herbs and lettuce growing in my kitchen at the same time. Who needs to worry about e-coli?
  • Doctor P "Huzzah!" - Don't obsess about the price!Most maritime insurance companies will reimburse you for the price of this book and you will receive a discount for your large ship collision rider if you return a proof of purchase to them (at least this is true of my insurer, Lloyd's of London)!

    Happy (and safe) sailing shipmates!